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Data Mapping

Data Mapping

This is the term used by the Methodist Church to refer to reviews of the personal information (data) the Local Church, Circuit or District holds (known as a "data mapping" exercise) and maintain the results / keep them updated. It can also be referred to as a Data Audit.
It was Step 2 in the 9 Steps for Methodist Managing Trustees to Take Now to Comply with GDPR advice produce by TMCP (Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes) in 2018. The guidance says:

  • Nominate members of the local Church Council, Circuit Meeting or District to review (and keep under review) what personal information (data) the managing trustee body holds such as lists of members, contact details for third party users of church premises (licensees or tenants) and right to rent documents that Managing Trustees may hold for residential tenants living in Local Church, Circuit or District property.
  • Managing Trustees need to question what the personal information is, where it came from, why it is held (what purpose?), who actually holds the data e.g. the Minister or church administrator, who has access to it and who it is shared with?
  • Record the results using the * Template Data Mapping Form * for Managing Trustees produced by the Working Party and the Non-Exhaustive List of Examples. Completing the form will help Managing Trustees evaluate the personal information they hold, how it is used and provide the records required under GDPR.
  • Use the information collated together with the policies and good practice set out in the Data Security Policy (available from TMCP on request) to pinpoint what further action is required – What action can the Managing Trustees take to ensure the data held is secure? Can the number of people with access to the records be limited e.g. on a need to know basis? Is all the data Managing Trustees currently collect actually necessary? Can less personal information be collected? Is it necessary to record youth fellowship member's postal addresses if contact is only ever made by telephone or email? Is it necessary to record dates of birth for the Local Church's men's and women's fellowships?

*The Template Mapping form is available to download from the TMCP website. It is available as a PDF and in Word format and the link has much more guidance on how to complete this.

I am grateful to my colleague in the Birmingham District who has complied a "Sample Data Mapping Form" which can be adapted to your own church. This can downloaded here as a Word and also as an Excel spreadsheet.

If you have any questions on this, please contact Katrin Hackett (District Data Champion) in the first instance –

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