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New Beginnings

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New Beginnings Seed Funding

NEW BEGINNINGS is here to support you to experiment with new ways for new people to start their journey of Christian discipleship – a new beginning in their life.

It also therefore also encourages a new beginning for you. Perhaps your congregation needs to discover new ways for new people to find faith and join your worshipping community. NEW BEGINNINGS might therefore represent the start of a new chapter in the story of your church. Perhaps a faith exploring course, evangelistic event, informal midweek worship is the next step that people attending your coffee morning, craft group or toddlers are waiting for.

Maybe you need to start earlier in people's journeys – offering new community activities, but with a clear plan about how and when you will introduce conversations about faith.

Or perhaps you recognise that – much as you appreciate it – your longstanding expression of church will not be right for some people that you care about. NEW BEGINNINGS can support you to create a New Christian Community (sometimes also called a "Fresh Expression") – moulded from your and their connections, gifts and passions. Read stories from other new Christian communities within our district here

NEW BEGINNINGS start best from careful listening: to your neighbourhood, fellow Christians and to God. You can find some practical tips for consulting with your neighbourhood about wants, needs and interests here

NEW BEGINNINGS can feel intimidating and exposing. We are arranging specialist training and networking events so you can learn with and from others who are trying similar things. We strongly recommend making use of this training if you have not done something similar recently.

NEW BEGINNINGS often involve "learning on the job" and so things often don't work out as expected first time around – we will provide £500 to get started and another £250 after 12 months to continue tweaking what you offer.

NEW BEGINNINGS often start small – we want to support you to focus on what you have time to do well. So there is no requirement for you to provide match funding.

NEW BEGINNINGS can be led by anyone. Formal theological qualifications are valuable, but are not always necessary. Expect your minister to be supportive, but don't be surprised or disappointed if they trust you to get on with it.

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