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Remembrance Day 2023

A Prayer for Remembrance Day 2023 by Acting District Chair Julie Coates

Gracious God,
At this time of remembrance
When war is all too great a reality in our world,
dominating and devastating the lives of so many -

We take time to pause ... to bow our heads to remember ...

To remember that you know the name of each one whose life has ended through warfare,

in present times, in living memory or in the distant past,
no one is lost in your love.

As the silence deepens around us we turn to prayer ...

We pray for our broken, hurting world,
As we hear of homes and families and communities torn apart,
we try to put ourselves in the shoes of those trapped in circumstances beyond their control,
wondering how we would react in their situation
weeping for the broken-hearted and bereaved
feeling the challenge of not knowing how to respond.

We acknowledge the peace that is needed in our own lives and relationships,
before we dare to speak of peace to others.

As the bugle plays and flags are raised once more
Lift our eyes to see the miraculous treasure of hope
that is glimpsed in acts of kindness, even in deep despair.

We pray for all who work for the transformation of violent conflict into reconciliation and a new order.

Jesus you taught us how to remember your love for us whenever we gather around a table and share a meal together – feed us, change us and touch our hearts through this act of Remembrance – so that we may be living symbols of your peace in the world today.


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