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A Crumble Harvest

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Pioneer Minister, Revd. Jonathan Brook explains how Harvest was celebrated at The Hub @ Hope.

He said: "This year with the night's drawing in and weather being a little unsettled it seemed perfect to try a crumble harvest celebration.

"Of course we all know apples grow on trees, and Vicky decided to chat with Cliff College and arranged to scoop up some apples from their trees for the perfect crumble to begin.

"As we reflected on this at our meeting we remembered all those who picked not just a box of fruit but tonnes of it for us to eat.

"This helped us to consider how amazing was creation that the humble apple was mentioned right back with Adam and Eve.

"With tables set the production of crumble began, first the peelers peeled away, they passed it to the cutters, who in turn passed the apples to the stewers, once stewed the apples returned to the crumbler's who by know had made the topping and in a twinkle two large crumbles were being popped in the oven, OH the smell was mouth-watering.

"As the crumbles gently warmed, we considered how Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus and went from being a money grabber to a money giver. Isn't harvest about thanking God and being givers too?

"As we were gathered so from the youngest to oldest prayers were shared and thenthe crumbles were done, oh yes and together with the warming custard it all disappeared.

"What a harvest to remember."

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