In recent weeks we have experienced a re-opening of many areas of our shared life but at the moment many of our church buildings remain closed. However, much careful prayer and discernment as well as much hard practical work is going on in many of our churches and circuits as careful assessment of when and if it is appropriate to re-open some of our buildings is undertaken. In the meantime, the church remains very much alive – continuing to worship together online, in the open air or using written resources; continuing to pray with and for each other and our communities and reaching out to our neighbours who are in need. May you continue to know God’s blessing as you worship and serve in these different ways and may we continue to be open to the new ways in which God might continue to call us to be the church in the future. Revd. Gill Newton, 23rd July 2020.

Methodism in this area has a strong local presence, a faithful tradition of worship and a growing sense of commitment to the wider community. Combined with strong local loyalties there is an awareness of the need for change, which has resulted in a new sense of local ministry and neighbourhood action in several places. We hope you can find what you are looking for.
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District News – 11 August 2020

Photos wanted for the new District Website
Sad news of the death of Revd Richard Plant
All We Can harvest resources
Churches starting to open!

and more…

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Coronavirus Lay Employment Support – UPDATED 27 JULY

Most employers are facing urgent questions about the wellbeing of their staff, changes to duties required, financial position of the employing body, and rapidly changing guidance from government.

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Pastoral Message – Sunday 19th July

As I sat down to write this week’s pastoral letter, I was feeling something of a sense of loss. Why? Well, just a few hours before, my nephew and his fiancée had got married in Cornwall and I wasn’t there to share in the occasion. Many other members of their families and all their friends weren’t there either, so I’m not alone in feeling that I’ve missed out. But I suppose I’m really feeling the loss because you see, in Jordan and Melissa’s original plans, I was to be the one conducting the marriage ceremony!

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Weekly Prayer – Sunday 19th July

All-knowing God, whilst everything in the world feels fragile, broken and uncertain, we cling to the knowledge that you hold us securely in every moment of every day.

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Gill Newton’s Sermon – Scattered Seed

I’d like you just for a moment to travel in your minds back to the beginning of this calendar year. I know that in many ways it may feel like a lifetime ago in another world but I’m sure you can still remember it if you try! If I had asked you at that point to imagine your church, I’m guessing that many of us would have pictured a sanctuary space in which all those who you count as part of your church family were gathered together in one place.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

This is where you can find all the latest news, guidance and resources available to you in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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District News – 4 August 2020

Congratulations to Rural Action Derbyshire for their nomination in the Charity Awards Fancy staying…

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Faith & Justice

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