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Building Survey Fund

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Building Survey Fund

The fund is designed to provide match funding to produce a survey to look at multiple aspects of a building and give directions on ways and means that could be taken to reduce costs, plan and make informed decisions about future steps. We have been working with the preferred contractor on a template on what this will look like and the information that will be returned and simple steps that could be taken from this.
These will look at the following areas:

  • Current Heating source and future best options
  • Insulation and value around fabric performance
  • Doors, Windows, and secondary glazing
  • Lighting
  • Air flow and draft reduction
  • Solar options and renewables
  • Small power and hot water
  • Over heating
  • Recommendations for the future

This will then return an action plan as well as recommendations for future works and a proposed timeline for these works.

Applying for the fund


The list below is a areas that we want to be able to focus on. If you don't have some or part of this information, don't panic! Part of the work is to be able to support and help you in doing this!

  • Have a Mission plan that includes some parts about the building and its development
  • Have a building steward or group in place
  • Commit to doing return evaluation and follow up
  • Have a quinqennial report
  • Once the survey is completed, commit to work this into a maintenance plan or development plan
  • Signed up to and progressing eco church accreditation or already hold an award

Step 1: Fill out the application form attached
Step 2: Submit application for review with documentation evidence
Step 3: Decision back or follow up
Step 4: Work with preferred contractor to set date for works within 6 months or grant being given.

Application Form


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