Sheffield Foodbank Network

A couple of years ago, a few churches realised that they were involved with Foodbanks and started meeting to share ideas, have fellowship and to hold each other in prayer.

2 years on, this has turned into the  Sheffield Foodbank Network and has over 15 churches in its group. Whilst the title is ‘Sheffield’ we have folks from Doncaster and Rotherham. Each church runs its foodbank differently and independently from each other – yet value the connectiveness of such a support Network. From a Cathedral through to a charity shop, from huge independent churches to mainstream denominations, all have a clear brief to help those who are in food poverty and to try and be a prophetic voice. Some of the foodbanks are run by volunteers and others with paid staff – none are the same.

We are not experts and recognise our continued need to learn from each other and from our practice. However, at our last gathering, we wanted to offer ourselves to any church community who may be thinking of setting up a foodbank and would like some more information or a helpful ear.

Rob Drost
Chair, Sheffield Foodbank Network

0791 354 2823