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Data Protection Annual Checklist

The checklist drafted by TMCP summarises the practical steps that all Local Churches, Circuits and Districts must take to ensure their data protection practices are robust.

Whether the personal information (data) of individuals belongs to Church members, their families, employees or third parties who use church premises it is in the interests of all to ensure that the information is looked after carefully and kept safe. Carrying out these checks will assist Managing Trustees to do that.

The full checklist can be downloaded from the TMCP website here: Annual Check List
This can seem to be a daunting task. You can find a breakdown of what this might mean at a church level here: Check Breakdown

There is now a Word version of the Checklist, which will also give space for comments on each section. This can be downloaded here: GDPR Checklist Word Version.

If you need any support or additional training on this, please get in touch with Katrin Hackett (District Administrator and Data Champion)

The completed check list must be signed and sent to Katrin every year. The deadline to return to the District Office is end of July 2021, and will be end of April in future years.
In addition to the checklist – the District Office also should be sent a copy of the Processor Record (check 6). You can download a Word version here:  Processor Record

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