One Mission Forum 2015

London, 3 Oct 2015:

a report from Sheffield’s District Rep –Dr Anne E Dyer

A FIRST for the FORUM for One Mission! A day in London at ‘The Wesley’- a hotel near Euston station was full of meeting other District reps and Connexional officers. Around fifty folk gathered to hear and discuss how we can move mission forward in our nation and world. This is not just a rejigged group of World Church plus Home Church – or at least not in the intentions of those organising it: – Ken Howcroft, David Frizwell and team organised the day to motivate the whole Connexion through those attending. It is not a Micro-management decision group nor just a bunch of enthusiasts. District reps are passionate about stimulating the district to get involved in ‘mission’. Defined in various ways- God sends us into the community with his purposes, plans and power to motivate and achieve transformation in many ways for His Kingdom’s sake.

ALL Methodists are to be involved in mission in the active sense –not just by default of being a church member. Why?

After reading PS 65, Ken explained that God’s Mission is what we are involved in – as we pray and act for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. There is ONEness in the Godhead, as well as Threeness (Trinity) which represents diversity of expression: connexional! Creating, recreating/redeeming and perfecting the world in his love, powered by it; we give Him our gratitude- in our attitudes daily.

We spent time considering the Migration issues of today and had a Skype with the Mediterranean HOPE team in Lampadusa who aim to meet Mediterranean migrants arriving in Italy. The ONE programme (for 18s-24s) can be extended to help in this team; volunteers see the website.

Methodists are one of the largest ‘transnational’ organisations in the world to act together for God’s Kingdom, his rescue plan and justice in our world; advocacy is one way; foodbanks another… as is sharing our faith verbally… and so we reorganised the Our Calling poster to be in a cycle- no one of the 4 dominating or leaving the others in a lower rank on any hierarchy: worship, learning, evangelism, service.

Various challenges to the system were called out. Various examples were given of ‘mission projects’.

If YOU have any good examples you wish to share –please send them to me and we can promote them on circuit and district levels. But it is people that matter! Partners in the world church, partners in the home area. All ONE in Christ’s service.


Thank you for reading – and if you need a mission speaker contact me; I will try to make myself available before Local Preaching dates hit my diary!