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Advanced Safeguarding Module


Creating Safer Spaces:

Advanced Safeguarding Training Online

There is now the option to complete the safeguarding Advanced Module online. There will be further face-to-face Advanced Module training arranged in the new year (2022), but if you are able to complete the Module online, please see information below.

The course is split into 2 sections:

Self-Study/e-learning – Following booking on a Zoom Gathered session date (new dates will be available soon), approximately a month before the Zoom session, you will receive login details for Theology X which will give you access to online material to explore at home. It is expected that it will take around 4-7 hours to go through all the material online, however, you can split this up into smaller chunks of time and complete it over the month. This material does need completing at least two full working days prior to attending the Zoom session with the trainers. Trainers will check if you have completed the online material before the Zoom session, if you have been unable to do so by the date of the Zoom session, you will need to transfer your Zoom session attendance to a later date.

Gathered Session – This is a 2-hour Zoom session for up to 20 people with the District's Advanced Module Trainers. There will be opportunity to reflect on learning from the online self-study material and engage in further discussion with others.

Dates of the Advance Module Online Edition will be made available soon – these dates refer to the Gathered Zoom session. There are 11 sessions available, please book on one of the time-slots using the appropriate Eventbrite link. You will receive access to the self-study on Theology X around a month before. Booking for the dates will close on the dates specified below, this is to allow everyone enough time to receive and complete the self-study material before attending the Zoom session. The Zoom link will be sent nearer the time of the Gathered Session.

If you are unsure whether you are required to complete this course please contact your church or circuit safeguarding officer or consult page 151 in the Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance for the Methodist Church in Britain.

If you have any questions or are struggling with booking, please contact the District Safeguarding Administrator, Val Higgins, by emailing:

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