Immigration Bill

The Immigration Bill will come into the House of Lords in January 2014.  It has gone through the Commons without much publicity or scrutiny, since all three major parties are signed up to the thrust of it, which is to tighten controls on immigration.  The key measures within the Immigration Bill include introduction of new in-country enforcement mechanisms to tackle ‘irregular migration’, most prominently restricting irregular migrants’ access to private housing, bank accounts and driving licenses in the UK. It contains significant restrictions on access to appeals, particularly for some migrants facing removal from the UK.

There are many reasons why Christian people should  be concerned about this legislation and the rhetoric that has surrounded recent press comments and political pronouncements. As a minimum,  we need to hear an objective analysis of the issues from a position of faith.

Here you will find a brief paper from Martin Kettle of Sheffield Diocese.

If having read this you feel able to express concern to your MP you can download a draft letter produced by South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group but you are encouraged to personalise it in any way you wish and make it your own- this will carry more conviction.

PDF version of letter

Word version of letter