Fair Trade Fortnight 2018


It is hoped that many churches in the District will mark Fair Trade Fortnight  with events and worship.

Suggested Readings:

II Samuel 12 vv.1-6  The rich man and the poor man’s lamb

I Kings 21  vv.1-28  Naboth’s Vineyard

Nehemiah 5 vv.1-13 Nehemiah stops oppression of the poor

Isaiah 58 vv.1-12        True fasting

Amos 8 vv.4-8a   Trading fairly

Micah 6 vv.6-12          What the Lord requires

Luke 4vv.16-22 Jesus preaches at Nazareth

Luke 16  vv.19-31  The rich man and Lazarus

John 2 vv.13-22  Jesus turns out the money changers

Lectionary Readings:

Sunday 25th February

Genesis 17 vv.1-7 & 15-16 God’s covenant with Abraham

Psalm 22 vv.23-31

Romans 4 vv.13-25 God’s promise realised through faith

Mark 8 vv.31-38 & 9 vv.2-9  Jesus foretells his Passion and then is Transfigured

Sunday 4th March

Exodus 20 vv.1-17 The Ten Commandments

Psalm 19

I Corinthians 1 vv.18-25 The foolishness of God

John .2 vv.13-22  Jesus turns out the money changers

Suggested Hymns/Songs

H&P 415 And art Thou come with us to dwell

H&P 785 & S t F 658 A charge to keep I have

H&P 220 & S t F 403 God is love: his the care

S t F 383 Holy Spirit, gift bestower  (before key Scripture Reading)

S t F 491 As servants working an estate

S t F 662 Will you use your voice

S t F 664 Lord you call us to your service

S t F 672 Where can we find you, Lord Jesus our Master?

S t F 700 God weeps at love withheld

S t F 706 Longing for light

S t F 713 Show me how to stand for justice

S t F 718 We lay our broken world

S t F 727 God in his love for us lent us this planet

S t F 729 Touch the earth lightly

The Church’s Calling (Tune Bristol HAP 82 & S t F 171)

Suggested Canticles and Psalms

S t F 798 Great and wonderful

S t F 827 (Psalm 113) Praise the Lord!

S t F 837 (Psalm 146) Praise the Lord!

More resources to help plan this can be found here: FAIR TRADE FORTNIGHT 2018.