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A safe place where conversations happen

Breakfast on the Brow is a community based project which has been running since February 2013; serving breakfast to students every Saturday during term time between 11am and 1pm, as well as providing a place for young people to meet friends, read the newspapers or chat to a friendly volunteer.

A home from home

  Being a University and College Chaplain means that you’re working among (mainly) young people who are in the process of breaking away from both the constraints and the security of home, and exploring who they really are and what’s important to them.

David’s story

The chaplaincy and wider agricultural community was shocked and saddened by the tragic suicide of a local farmer, well known to myself personally and many others. My thoughts and prayers went out to family and friends forced to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Can I change my dream?

A lady was running her own shop, it was what she’d always wanted to do …… ……. but the reality was not how she had imagined it.


  As a chaplain I act as a navigator. I help people to find out where they are, identify where they want to be and help to formulate a plan to get there. I may or may not mention God but I know God is already there.

Walking the corridors

It is 6:00p.m. on a Wednesday evening. Usually Rosehill Methodist Primary School is almost deserted by this time – but not tonight. The corridors are occupied by parents waiting for their turn to be seen by their child’s teacher.

Making sense of

  The traditional model of Hospital Chaplaincy has been the local vicar going from bed to bed offering pastoral care to the sick and dying. In our multi-faith/no faith society the challenge is to continue to offer a presence without the presumption that people will be pleased to see us!

The Passing Place

The Blue Pig is an art venue on the west coast of Lewis, a quiet garden with accommodation and home baking. It is also an abode for being with oneself and one another, celebrating our creative responses to a world with beauty and interest.

Army chaplain

Being an army chaplain is a great privilege, to talk to young soldiers, especially those between 18 and 21, who will tell you things that they would not normally talk to a minister about.

Commercial confidentiality

Like other chaplains, workplace chaplains are used to dealing with all sorts of ethical dilemmas. We’re also used to keeping confidences, both personal and commercial, and to being with people who’re experiencing both good and bad economic news.


‘Come and see…’ was the invitation from Leeds Bradford Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service.

A prison chaplain

My name is Jacqueline; I am a Methodist local preacher and the ‘Free Church’ chaplain at HMP Shepton Mallet. This prison is the oldest in Britain dating from 1610 and remodelled in 1818. The prison is small, holding 189 male prisoners, all of them ‘lifers’.

Chaplain to the Ambulance Service

My ambulance chaplaincy began when the senior chaplain and one of the non-executive directors of the Kent Ambulance Trust rang my doorbell in 2003, an encounter that led to my visiting Sevenoaks Ambulance Station for the next eight years.

Newbury Town Chaplains

“Among you, with you, for you – a caring listening ear” This is what we seek to be to the retail sector in our town.

Resettling ex-offenders

‘God of the pimp and paedophile, I come to you’ says Paul Field’s hymn. This is a typical story of such a release from prison.

Diversity shoes

‘Equality’ and ‘diversity’ are buzz words in Further Education, but they also sum up my multi-faith chaplain role.

Knock, knock

I knock on the door and slide into the room. You look at me from your bed, wondering who I am.

Christmas Prayer Tree

In December, over 1000 people wrote down their heartfelt prayers and hung them on the Christmas prayer trees in The Mall Shopping Centre in Luton.


Part of my presbyteral appointment is chaplain to Gunnerside & Reeth Confederated Primary school in Swaledale. In January, I spent time with the 14 children in Year 5 talking about New Year resolutions and the importance of keeping promises.

Comforting the Prisoner

Loss and grief are experiences shared across humanity. But for prisoners they can be particularly stressful and poignant:

Stories, Images & Insights

This collection of stories, images and insights came together after an open invitation to chaplains around the UK to share an image and a chaplaincy story or insight in about 150 words. The hope was to put together an art exhibition. The art being chaplaincy. How beautiful and inspiring it is too!