Grants for Learning and Development Opportunities

The District Learning and Development Fund as been set up to support learning and development activities of Methodists in the Sheffield District.
Priority will be given to people who have no other learning and development grant entitlement, especially first time applicants, but applications from staff, including presbyters, will also be considered.
Applications must be received at least 2 weeks before each meeting of the L&D Group; the dates for these can be found in the District Calendar.

Keep Fishing!

We all know that we must keep innovating and learning if our churches are to continue to welcome new people and be truly open to the ever-changing communities around us. But we sometimes need some help, advice or encouragement to get started.

Expense Claim Forms

There are a variety of Expense Claim Forms that you can use, depending on the nature of your claim. This post gives you an explanation of each and a link to download each file.

Own Arrangement Services

Christine Sheasby, in Trinity Circuit, has written a number of services which are suitable for those churches faced with making their own arrangements.

Methodist Homes Sunday

MHA’s annual campaign includes an Order of Service which can be used for Local Arrangement services, prayers, hymns, stories and links to video clips of MHA’s work.

Fair Trade Fortnight 2018

RESOURCES FOR WORSHIP LEADERS AND PREACHERS It is hoped that many churches in the District will mark Fair Trade Fortnight  with events and worship. Suggested Readings: II Samuel 12 vv.1-6  The rich man and the poor man’s lamb I Kings 21  vv.1-28  Naboth’s Vineyard Nehemiah 5 vv.1-13 Nehemiah stops oppression of the poor Isaiah 58 […]

District Advance Fund – Grants 2016/17

We make grants from our Advance Fund to support mission projects, property development and training in our circuits, churches and beyond. Applications for grants are considered in accordance with our Mission Policy

Contact John Purdy, our Grants Secretary, for all grants enquiries.

Chaplaincy Everywhere Course

A small group resource for nurturing engagement in God’s mission through chaplaincy. Local, congregation led chaplaincy is one of the most effective ways to collaborate in God’s mission in the world; local people responding to local needs over time can change the world!

District Advance Fund

Grants are available from district funds for various aspects of mission listed under at least one of the “Our Calling” headings.
These are Worship; Learning & Caring; Service; Evangelism.

Website Links – Worship & Preaching

There are a wide variety of resources available on the internet. Here are a few links that might be useful

Stories & Journeys: Lenten Reflections from Older Pilgrims

Methodist Homes (MHA), the charity providing care, accommodation and support for older people, have produced five weeks’ of meditative material. The Course introduces ten older people’s stories collected by MHA Chaplains, with reflections, questions and discussion points relevant to the stories.

Spiral of Chaplaincy Development

The six steps of the spiral represent the learning and experience from the Chaplaincy Development Project and are important stages in establishing a chaplaincy that is built to last. The spiral gives you an overview of the process and provides an effective index for the resources that accompany each step.

Chaplaincy Everywhere – Film

Filmed to capture the heart of chaplaincy, the Chaplaincy Everywhere Film gives viewers a real sense of what the work entails.

Pasta and Plantains

A new book by Sheffield Circuit’s Rev. David Markay, explores immigration and integration, conflict and compromise, reconciliation and community through the lens of the author’s seven years as minister in multi-cultural congregations in Italy.