District Policies

Safeguarding Policy for Sheffield Methodist District 2019

The District is committed to the safeguarding and protection of all children, young people, and adults who are or may be vulnerable and/or need care and support. It affirms that the needs of children and of people when they are vulnerable are paramount. It acknowledges that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and no-one is exempt from fulfilling that responsibility.
You can read the full policy here …

District Safeguarding Compliance Policy

The District remains committed to doing all it can to respond well to any help and support that people need, including keeping them safe and free from harm.
The Safeguarding policies and procedures of the Methodist church (2019) are implemented through the District Safeguarding Policy 2019, agreed at District Leadership Team in July 2019.
It is expected that everyone understands their need to support and engage with the commitment of those policies and procedures to main the highest standards in safeguarding and to make the District a strong witness in taking them seriously.
From time to time, individuals, groups or churches as a whole may need help in understanding why certain requirements, according to Policy, are needed.

Summary of Sheffield District Safeguarding Policy

A summary of the District Safeguarding Policy – for full details see the above post (Sheffield District Safeguarding Policy 2019)
This also contains links to the Responding Well flowchart; the Person in the Pew poster; a draft Circuit Safeguarding Policy and a draft Church Safeguarding Policy

Guidance relating to Circuit Lay Employee Posts

In the light of the increasing diversity of ministry required in our Circuits and the fact that this will undoubtedly involve an increase in the number of lay employee posts being created, the Lay Employment Sub-Committee suggest that the questions and guidance offered in this document should be considered ahead of any lay employee post being created.

Privacy Policy

The full Managing Trustees’ Privacy Notice can be found here. It can be downloaded to print out and display on church and circuit notice boards.

Sheffield District Mission Policy

Developing a positive culture for discipleship through learning, changing and joining in.
You can view the full policy here, and also download a printable version to share.

Policy for the Continuing Development of Active Ministers

Districts were asked to establish a process for identifying and meeting the  learning and development needs of its active ministers. This policy establishes the Sheffield Methodist District’s processes, procedures and guiding principles for ensuring the continuing development of all its active ministers.