Learning and Development in the Sheffield District

Learning and Development during COVID-19 pandemic

We had thought that our Learning and Development activities might close too and, of course, any planned group events, courses and conferences have been cancelled or postponed. But that doesn’t mean that learning must stop; indeed this may be a great opportunity to take up some of those things you have thought about…’If only I had time to….’ or ‘I would love to….. but I don’t have time’.

Grants for Learning and Development Opportunities

The District Learning and Development Fund as been set up to support learning and development activities of Methodists in the Sheffield District.
Priority will be given to people who have no other learning and development grant entitlement, especially first time applicants, but applications from staff, including presbyters, will also be considered.
Applications must be received at least 2 weeks before each meeting of the L&D Group; the dates for these can be found in the District Calendar.

Learning & Development News Bulletin – March 2019

Spring is definitely in the air and we hope that many of your thoughts turn to polishing up existing work and developing new initiatives; that’s where learning and development can help! We want to remind you of the numerous opportunities available to you in the Sheffield District – and beyond – as well as the […]

News bulletin – Autumn 2018

So many things are happening, in relation to learning and development in our District that we thought we would give you an update and remind you of some of the great opportunities available to us.

Learning and Development in the Sheffield District

Learning and developing ourselves, our churches, circuits and district are vital and intrinsic aspect of being active people of God.
The opportunities outlined on these pages are indicative of a wide range of workshops, courses and programmes available to us. They are not exhaustive.

Training and development for supporting and becoming effective Churches and Circuits

Here are opportunities to equip individuals, churches and circuits to develop knowledge and understanding about operating effectively and efficiently.  There are also activities and courses, which challenge us to think about what it means to be churches and circuits, in the contemporary world.

Support and development for presbyters and deacons

Outlined in this section are some of the opportunities available to help presbyters and deacons to develop in their role as well as feel supported in their work.

Children and Young People’s work

Whilst there are many professional qualifications and courses which equip people to work with children and young people, here are some opportunities and activities which are specifically designed for working with them in church contexts.

Small groups and deepening discipleship

Listed here are some learning and development activities, which are designed, often via small group work, to challenge and deepen faith, spirituality and discipleship.

Local Preachers and Worship Leaders

An active preaching and worship network has developed in the District over recent years.  It aims to support not only local preachers and worship leaders but ministers too, along with co-ordinators and tutors, to offer developmental opportunities of exploring and organising vibrant worship and preaching.

Exploring Christianity – introductions

These activities are aimed at helping people to explore faith whether they are none or regular church-goers.

Being disciples in a wider world

Listed here are some of the learning opportunities, which can equip us to reach out to more and different people, in diverse contexts, both locally and globally.

Learning and Development Group

The Learning and Development Group exists to co-ordinate information about training and development opportunities within and beyond our District, in order to help build learning churches and circuits. It also seeks to stimulate new opportunities and, where necessary, organise and offer workshops and courses.