Chaplaincy Everywhere Course

A small group resource for nurturing engagement in God’s mission through chaplaincy. Local, congregation led chaplaincy is one of the most effective ways to collaborate in God’s mission in the world; local people responding to local needs over time can change the world!

Stories, Images & Insights

This collection of stories, images and insights came together after an open invitation to chaplains around the UK to share an image and a chaplaincy story or insight in about 150 words. The hope was to put together an art exhibition. The art being chaplaincy. How beautiful and inspiring it is too!

Spiral of Chaplaincy Development

The six steps of the spiral represent the learning and experience from the Chaplaincy Development Project and are important stages in establishing a chaplaincy that is built to last. The spiral gives you an overview of the process and provides an effective index for the resources that accompany each step.

Chaplaincy Everywhere – Film

Filmed to capture the heart of chaplaincy, the Chaplaincy Everywhere Film gives viewers a real sense of what the work entails.

Chaplaincy Development Project

We have a pretty big vision. To see chaplains all over the place. People, who are called, sent and supported. People like you and me, meeting people where they are at. To offer critical pastoral care and love to those who are often on the fringes of our society and to be a prophetic witness.