Worksop says “Thank You” to the NHS


This week, The Crossing Church and Centre, Worksop was used for a vital blood donor session.

The day before the event, the Centre team sent our messages to ask for donations of biscuits and treats to leave in the rest room as a way of saying thank you to the Community Nurses who would be using the building.

The response from the community was overwhelming. The local Morrisons Store provided gift wrapped chocolates, biscuits, tea and coffee. A local pub offered crisps and a military veterans support group donated biscuits.

Clara Taylor, Centre Manager said: “From hoping for a box of biscuits they could share to having enough that they could have something each and treats to pass on to staff who were having to self-isolate was absolutely mind blowing and really reflects just how caring a community we live in.

“In fact, the NHS staff were so surprised by this genuine display of thanks that it took some convincing that it was really for them!

“One nurse was moved to tears as she said that when she saw the displays of thanks in the news it felt like it was only for the nurses you were seeing masked up with full PPE doing extraordinary roles and not for her team who was carrying on much the same as normal. To see this huge number of treats had completely thrown her that people appreciated her role in keeping our community safe.”

Clara went onto explain, “While The Crossing is closed for church services and our community groups, knowing that we have a dedicated team who can put procedures in place to safely open the doors for life saving work such as blood donors helps us know that we are still performing our mission to support the community.”

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