VE Day 75th Anniversary

Millions of people rejoiced in the news that Germany had surrendered, relieved that the intense strain of total war was finally over. In towns and cities across the world, people marked the victory with street parties, dancing and singing.

But it was not the end of the conflict, nor was it an end to the impact the war had on people. The war against Japan did not end until August 1945, and the political, social and economic repercussions of the Second World War were felt long after Germany and Japan surrendered.

Here’s what you need to know about VE Day and how it was marked in Britain and around the world.


A prayer for VE Day

This day marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe when millions of people celebrated the fact that Germany had surrendered.  But, it was not, of course the end of  World War II as battle with Japan continued for a few more months and the implications of having been at war for so long continued to be felt for some time afterwards.

Many of the celebrations that might have been held today have obviously been unable to go ahead but you may have your own celebrations going on in your garden or on your street, as bunting is hung, people join in virtual tea parties and memories are shared.  However, you choose to celebrate or mark this day, perhaps you might also share in this prayer as we all hope for a world at peace in the future.

Loving God, we thank you for the sacrifices made by so many in the past that mean we experience freedom today.  But we are very aware that for many in the world, peace continues to be elusive, war still rages and lives are still lost.

Lord God, we pray for people everywhere to recognise the futility of their anger and greed, the pain caused by hatred and conflict and the impact of war on everyone.  May we all work towards a world where reconciliation, harmony, peace and love is the experience of all.  In the name of the Prince  of Peace, Amen.