Summary of Sheffield District Safeguarding Policy

Summary – September 2019

The full District Safeguarding Policy is on the District and Circuit websites and from local Church and Circuit Safeguarding Officers;

  1. All safeguarding policies should be read alongside Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance for the Methodist Church (2019);
  2. The Methodist Church is committed to the safety and protection of all, especially those who are vulnerable. Districts, Circuits and local churches are committed to ensuring policies and procedures are in place;
  3. The District now adopts the term “Responding Well” in relation to its policies and procedures for safeguarding;
  4. This policy and all related polices are now mandatory;
  5. The District Safeguarding Group (DSG) oversees the work within the District – role outline in the full Policy;
  6. The District must have a District Safeguarding Officer (DSO) – role outline in the full Policy;
  7. Each Circuit must have at least one Circuit Safeguarding Officer – role outline in the full Policy;
  8. Each Church must have a Church Safeguarding Officer – role outline in the full Policy;
  9. If local churches do not have a contact, the Church Council must decide who takes the role until one can be found – Ministers cannot be in a safeguarding role;
  10. All the above roles must be safer recruited to;
  11. All concerns should be reported as per the District Responding Well District Flowchart and procedure;
  12. Each church should have displayed in a public place within the church this summary the Responding Well flowchart and other relevant safeguarding material;
  13. Safeguarding training at Foundation and Advanced level must be undertaken according to role every 4 years;
  14. External use of church premises should be seen as a letting arrangement and letting forms completed and policies and DBS clearances checked for the group using the premises – these should be considered alongside other lettings occurring at the same time, if any;
  15. All events within church, Circuit and District life, should be risk assessed;
  16. All those who are required to have a criminal record check (DBS) will do so and ensure it is reviewed every 5 years as required by the Methodist Church. On line applications only;
  17. The District has in place a Safeguarding Compliance Policy  to ensure everyone takes their responsibilities seriously – see District website.
  18. The District Policy affirms that Sheffield District is committed to respecting and valuing everyone and will take seriously any concerns, respond well and hear the voices of those who have been or could be hurt or harmed in any way.

A printable version of this summary can be downloaded here: Summary – Sheffield District Safeguarding Policy

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