News bulletin – Autumn 2018

So many things are happening, in relation to learning and development in our District that we thought we would give you an update and remind you of some of the great opportunities available to us.

Learning and Development

Activities and Opportunities:

Over recent years we have developed various tools to help you navigate your way around the plethora of opportunities available; these include a data-base of opportunities.  This information has been grouped according to areas of interest and development and if you click onto the drop-down menu on the home page, headed Learning and Development, you will see lots of information there.  We can signpost you to people who can give further, detailed information as well as to people who may have taken part in an activity and who can share their experiences.  We review this information regularly and so we are confident that it is up to date.

Should you choose an area of development and would like someone to help you or work with you, contact Katrin at HQ of the Sheffield District. She can give you information about someone in our District who might help or offer contact with the Yorkshire Plus Regional Learning Network.


In order that information is easily accessible, and to give a little more information and insight into the diversity of opportunities, we have produced a small, attractive folder with individual sheets, which can be handed out to interested people.  They can also be used to stimulate ideas about the kinds of learning activities individuals, groups or churches might want to consider.  These have been recently updated.  Do ask for copies from the District Office or from the Learning and Development Working Group.  They can be available to distribute at Circuit or church meetings or events you are organising.


During 2017-18 we were able to distribute grants to support both individual and group learning.  No grants covered the total costs of any learning activity but the general approach has been to offer one third of costs, with the other two thirds being offered by circuits and churches. The guidelines and application form are available on the District website and dates of deadlines for application included.   Funds are available for 2018-19 and the Learning and Development Group welcomes applications.

Some of the learning activities we supported last year included:

  • Individual support to attend a church administration course at Cliff College
  • Skills for groups, such as First Aid training
  • Developing Holy Habits or A Walk Through the Bible events
  • Contribution to books for group study
  • Individual retreats
  • Donations to enable attendance at the Joined Up conference (for Children and Youth workers)
  • Contributions to Godly Play to encourage and support people from the Methodist Church to participate.

Whilst all Circuits within our District received some grant-funding, we want to encourage the Barnsley, Doncaster and The Peak to tell us more about the kind of activities they might want to develop, as they received less funding than some other Circuits.

Yorkshire Plus Learning Network

The DMLN has been re-named, the Yorkshire Plus Learning Network.  The team is keen to, not only offer pre-planned events, conferences and courses, but also hear from individual churches and circuits about the kind of developments and support they want and need.  They will visit, consult, facilitate and respond to church challenges and help to turn them into opportunities.

How to find out more:

All of our information, funding and activities appear on the District website:

The Learning Network details can be found here:

We do hope you will Discover! and find opportunities and ideas for you and your church to learn and grow.