Ministerial Development Review

Ministerial Development Review (MDR) is a process that supports ministers both to grow in their ministry and to contribute to circuits and districts in their mission.

A key feature of MDR is the annual review meeting. This provides an important opportunity for ministers to share their reflections, insights and hopes with others who have a responsibility for their well-being and for their growth in ministry.

At its core, MDR is not just an annual event but an ongoing process of reflection and learning, of reshaping ministry in the light of experience and feedback, of identifying and addressing blockages to progress and growth, and of celebrating successes and affirming gifts and graces. This ongoing process feeds into and is shaped by the connexional supervision programme, which ministers are required to undertake, with its bi-monthly supervision sessions.

MDR applies to all ministers (deacons and presbyters) in a circuit appointment or district appointment, and to all district chairs. It also applies to every minister who has entered into an agreement with a circuit to undertake pastoral responsibility in one or more local church.

The Ministerial Development Review Guide (Pdf) offers an overview of MDR, as well as providing supporting guidance and background material that will help all participants to get the most out of the process.

Paper copies of the Guide can be obtained by contacting the District Office –

Further background material is available online, exploring some of the skills and best practice that can support MDR and help to enable positive experiences for all participants: Skills and Good  Practice in MDR (Pdf)