Learning and Development during COVID-19 pandemic

Whilst most of our activities are closed down and many of us are self isolating there are lists of websites and Youtube links offering us distraction activities, games to play, fitness exercises and endless films and ‘box-sets’ to view.  We had thought that our Learning and Development activities might close too and, of course, any planned group events, courses and conferences have been cancelled or postponed.  But that doesn’t mean that learning must stop; indeed this may be a great opportunity to take up some of those things you have thought about…’If only I had time to….’ or ‘I would love to….. but I don’t have time’.

However, there are many free learning opportunities available to us, using the web and social platforms.  For example, you may want to set up – or continue – a book group, where everyone reads a chapter of a book and then talks about it via Skype or Zoom or Facebook.  Or you may want to set up a virtual ‘house-group’ to share a course, or materials, using one of the social media platforms as a meeting place.

On the other hand you might want to use the opportunity to take up some individual study, reflection or exploration. This enforced isolation means we don’t have to feel guilty about not attending a meeting or going to see someone; the time could be used to develop knowledge, skills or become more informed about an aspect of life or faith.

There is a great deal of information on our website: https://www.sheffieldmethodist.org/category/learning-development-sheffield-district/  Many of the resources and opportunities are free of charge. Similarly, there are free ‘courses’, many of them ‘bite-sized’ which are offered by the Open University.  https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-catalogue  Taking up a learning opportunity to help what we might do to support our health and well-being during stressful times – as now – could not only help to pass the time but also help us to stay safe and well.

Should you need funds to purchase books, study packs or resources, there is money available from the Learning and Development group; just fill in a simple form following the accompanying guidance and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  The groups continues to meet ‘virtually’.  https://www.sheffieldmethodist.org/grants-for-learning-and-development-opportunities/

See COVID 19 as a gift of time and use it to learn and develop yourself and your faith!