Grants for Learning and Development Opportunities

Learning and developing ourselves, our churches, circuits and district are vital and intrinsic aspects of being active people of God. However, the Sheffield District Learning and Development group recognises that sometimes the cost of developing or attending such opportunities may be a deterrent or barrier.

We are therefore pleased to announce the District Learning and Development Fund, set up to support learning and development activities of Methodists in the Sheffield District.

Priority will be given to people who have no other learning and development grant entitlement, especially first time applicants, but applications from staff, including presbyters, will also be considered.

Learning and development funding can cover such things as resources for house groups or study groups; expenses for speakers from other parts of the country; costs of joining a workshop, course or activity or contributions to extended periods of study.  We will consider all applications.

The full terms of reference can be found here: L and D grant Terms of Reference. Please read these carefully before filling in the Grant Application.

Grant Application Form

There are two versions of the grant application form:

  1. Word (on-line) Version

L and D grant Application form

This version is a Word document. The file will be automatically downloaded to your computer and can be filled in electronically. When you open the file you will get the following message:

  • Open as a read-only document (Yes); this will allow you to save the application with a new file name.
  • Enter information in the grey boxes
  • Press the tab or arrow keys to move the cursor on to the next entry point
  • Leave blank any fields not relevant to your application. The mouse scroll button can be used to scan through the full document.
  • Once you have completed and saved your application return it to the District office via an email attachment or by post, with the letter of support and endorsement.
  1. Printable (PDF) Version

L and D grant Application form (booklet version)

This version is designed to be printed, and filled in by hand. The completed application should be returned by post to the District Office, along with supporting documentation.

Applications are considered at each meeting of the Learning & Development Group, and so must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to each meeting.
Dates for 2019/20 are as follows:

September 13th; November 7th; January 7th; March 26th; June 12th (Final date for 2019/20 grants)

If you have any queries or issues with this, please contact Katrin Hackett in the District Office (0114 270 9990 / 0114 4350 0255)