Coronavirus (Covid-19)

This is where you can find all the latest news, guidance and resources available to you in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

District Chair Revd Gill Newton has this message for us all:

We find ourselves in challenging and difficult days as Coronavirus sweeps across the world and has an impact on all our lives.  It is no longer possible for us to gather together as “church” in all the ways that are familiar to us and so we are faced with finding new ways of fulfilling “Our Calling”  – new ways of worshipping, learning, caring, serving and sharing our faith.

Even in these early days, I have already seen many of you responding faithfully and creatively to these challenges and I commend you for it, but there is undoubtedly a long road for us still to travel.  So, we need to support and encourage one another in these endeavours.  Through this page we hope to provide an opportunity for resources and information to be shared that will equip you and keep you connected with one another as we seek to continue to make God’s love for the world known.

District News

The District Office is now closed and all staff are working from home. Here’s how you can get in touch:

District Chair Gill Newton –

District Administrator Katrin Hackett – or 0114 430 0259

Mission Development Officer Neil Harland – or 07483 308008

Communications Officer Sam Roberts – or  07483176872

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District Chair Revd Gill Newton leads us in a short time of worship and includes the Act of Recollection and Rededication after we had to cancel the Presbyteral Synod.

Staying Digitally Connected

Our friends at the United Reformed Church have created some amazing How To Guides with it comes to being digitally connected please take a look.

The CofE also have an excellent page offering practical advice here:


It’s really important that we are make sure we have the correct copyright permissions in place before we share worship online. Here’s what you need to know and the all important links of where you purchase any additional licences needed.

  • No additional licence is required to read songs as poetry in streamed services or share links to pre-existing YouTube clips of songs
  • No additional licence required to include music you are singing/performing on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, as long as you don’t have fancy branding overlaid on your video
  • To use professionally-recorded music (eg played off a CD) in your streamed worship, you would a CCLI Streaming Licence and a PRS Limited Online Music Licence (usually £175). There is a risk social media companies may detect this automatically and block your account pending investigation.
  • To include any music in a streamed service embedded on your website you need need a CCLI Streaming Licence and a PRS Limited Online Music Licence

If you have any doubt as to whether a song you are looking to use is covered under the licences you have please do check the website links above.

Employment Information

All the employment advice you currently need can be found here from our Lay Employment Officer



Circuit News

Many of our Circuits and Churches are going to be streaming worship and daily reflections

Here’s where to find out what your Circuit is doing (we will continue to update this list)

Bolsover & Staverley:





Greenhill –

St Pauls Dronfield –

Christ Church Stocksbridge –

Carterknowle –

Cliff College: –

All We Can

How to Connect to those not online

Not everyone is able to get online so how can we still stay in touch with them.

The Connexion have released this guidance.

People can still consider printing things like the services sheets and other resources from our website and posting them on.

You can buy stamps online and the Royal Mail has advice on its service during the pandemic if you have any questions or concerns:

Methodist Guidance

See the latest guidance from the Methodist Church here:

Other resources available from the Connexion