Templates for MDR

Within the Guide are various templates for use in reflecting on and reviewing ministry and for recording the outcomes of the Ministerial Development Review meeting. These can be downloaded in MS Word format below:

Areas for your reflection prior to the MDR meeting

Questions and topics for those providing feedback

Hopes and goals 

Areas for learning and development

Points for action regarding the wider context 

Report from the supervisor to the MDR Team

Report from the MDR Team to the supervisor

All the forms are in Word format and should download automatically for you. If you have trouble opening any of them, please let the District Office know and they can send you them in an alternative format.

Completion Form

It is important for the smooth working of Ministerial Development Review that it is seen to be working consistently and transparently across the Connexion.
It is, therefore, necessary to report to the District Chair that your annual review meeting has successfully taken place. This is done by returning the form below to the District Office by 31 August.

MDR completion form

Reimbursement can be made for items which relate to areas of development identified in the MDR or to opportunities which have emerged recently emerged.

MDR Funding Expense Claim Form