A Weekly Prayer from Revd. Gill Newton

God of wind and flame, God of water and dove, we thank you that you have spoken to us in language that we understand and enabled us to know you more and experience your love.

Help us in these troubled times to speak words of comfort to all those who have suffered illness, bereavement and tragedy during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Help us to speak words of encouragement to those who risk their lives each day to protect others as they work in front-line roles.

Help us to speak words of challenge where we see injustice prevailing and lives put at risk through selfish actions

Help us to speak words of compassion to all those who are lonely, vulnerable and frightened.

Help us always to use the language of love so that others may experience your love for themselves.

And help us also to know when to be quiet and to listen again for your word to us.  May we hear you speaking today in words that we understand, may we feel the gentle breath of your Spirit to refresh us and may our hearts be set on fire again with the flame of your love.