Own Arrangement Services

Christine Sheasby, in Trinity Circuit, has written a number of services which are suitable for those churches faced with making their own arrangements. If you do use any of her material, do remember to acknowledge that they were written by her.


The third in the series looking at “Our Calling”

OA Service for Mar 2019 – May 2019

Learning & Caring

In Millennium Year, 2000, the Methodist Church produced the statement ‘Our Calling’ in which they listed the four main callings of the Christian. They are: Worship; Learning and Caring; Service; and Evangelism.  We have been asked to look again at how, as a Church, we might best respond to ‘Our Calling’ today. This service focuses on our calling to be a learning and caring people.

OA Service for Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 Learning & Caring


In 2018/19 we will be focusing on the four themes of the Methodist “Our Calling” priorities, which was reaffirmed at the 2018 Methodist Conference.  The theme for this service is “Our Calling: Worship”.

OA Service for Sep-Nov 2018 Worship

Fed by the Bread of Life

It was suggested by the many news reports about poverty and hunger not only in far off places in our world, but also on our own doorsteps and by reflection on the work that many Christians are engaged in as volunteers with and supporters of food banks.

It can be downloaded here: OA Service for Jun-Aug 2018, Bread of Life

From Fear to Hope

This is primarily intended for use in the post-Easter period of April to May. In the reflection on page 4, reference is made to the need for flexibility as the circuit looks at different ways of filling the plan/providing worship opportunities.  If this is happily not a problem in your circuit, please refer to another challenge you are facing as a church which requires a flexible approach!.

OA Service for Mar-May 2018, From Fear to Hope

Hearing God

A service for use in the Autumn. The theme is “Can you hear me?” and we reflect on God speaking to us, our speaking to one another, and our deafness, both spiritual and physical.

OA Service for Autumn 2017, Hearing God

Travelling People of God

This customizable service has been planned with Summer in mind.

OA Service for Summer 2017, Travelling


Suitable for use after Easter as we share the “Easter joy which death could not imprison”.

OA Service for post Easter 2017, Joy

Martha, Mary and Life’s priorities

Ideal for the start of the new year!

You can download the service here: mary-martha

Being Disciples Today!

This particular service has been prepared as a worship response to the Sheffield Methodist District’s initiative for 2016/17 – ‘Developing a positive culture for discipleship through learning, changing and joining in’.

Being Disciples Today – Please amend the reading ‘Mark 3:1-9’ to ‘Mark 4:1-9’ to make sense of the reflection

There are a number of places in the service where you could ‘customize’ your service to your own congregation.  The ‘House Group Experience’ could be replaced by a description of the experience of a bible study/discussion group or course in your own church.  The Quiet Time thinking about change could become a reflection on how church has changed from a member of your congregation – preferably with a positive element!! The account of the work of the ‘Freedom’ project in Bolsover could be replaced by an account of work done in your community.

Give Thanks

The service has a general theme, suitable for the ‘Ordinary’ season of summertime, but which you could also use at most times during the year.  The theme is “Give Thanks!” and in the service we will be thinking about thankfulness as our appropriate response to what God has done and still does for us.  An “attitude of gratitude” is a wonderful gift for Christians to cultivate, for it will see them through not only the good times, but those times when life is more challenging or painful.

Download the full service here: Summer 2016 OA service

Autumn-Leaves-Vector-GraphicAutumn and Change

Autumn is a time of change. The green leaves of spring and summer become a glorious display of browns and crimsons and golds, as nature prepares the trees for the coming harshness of winter. The nights draw in, the heating has to go on. Young people are back at college or school. Church meetings start up again, with the start of the new church year. All is change. Some changes we welcome, some we regret. Often, for us, the word ‘change’ comes to mean ‘challenge’.

Download the full service here:  Autumn & change

Post Pentecost

The Book of the Acts of the Apostles, that follows on from the gospels in our New Testament, is a great read! It is full of the adventures of those first Christians on whom our church is built.  It is both exciting and inspiring.  Some of the main characters are very familiar to us – Peter and John, Stephen, Paul and Luke.  But the Christian stories of many more people, men and women, are told in this book, too.  And it is three of those characters whose stories we are going to meet in worship today – Barnabas, Lydia and Dorcas.  You may find they remind you of Christians you know or have met before.  They might even remind you of yourself.  Their stories speak to us today of the power of God’s Spirit in the lives of believers.

Download the full service here: Post Pentecost 2015 OA