District News – 1 November 2017

This Week’s News

Learning & Development Grants

Learning and developing ourselves, our churches, circuits and district are vital and intrinsic aspects of being active people of God. However, the Sheffield District Learning and Development group recognises that sometimes the cost of developing or attending such opportunities may be a deterrent or barrier.

We are therefore pleased to announce the District Learning and Development Fund, set up to support learning and development activities of Methodists in the Sheffield District.

Priority will be given to people who have no other learning and development grant entitlement, especially first time applicants, but applications from staff, including presbyters, will also be considered.

Learning and development funding can cover such things as resources for house groups or study groups; expenses for speakers from other parts of the country; costs of joining a workshop, course or activity or contributions to extended periods of study.

Grant application forms can be downloaded from the website here: Grants for Learning and Development Opportunities.

The deadline for each round of applications is normally 2 weeks before the Learning & Development Group meet and are as follows: 26 October (for 9 November meeting); 5 January (for 19 January); 9 March (for 23 March) and 11 May (for 25 May).

Wesley Hall, Crookes

Wesley Hall, Crookes is going to transform the disused, unloved area of land next to the church building in to a community garden to produce food, provide a home for wildlife and a place to relax in the middle of Crookes.  We have applied to the Aviva Community Fund to receive between £1000-5000 but need people to vote for the project to get at the money.

You can see a video and more information about the project and cast your vote here: https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/17-5410

Voting is open until Tuesday 21st November.  Each person gets ten votes to allocate to projects as they see fit- if you could give us some of your votes, we’d much appreciate it.  Thanks

One Mission Forum (part 2)

Mission in Britain

Story 1: Mission and Britain? Have we new hope? Rearranging the councils? Rearranging structures? Is that changing the deckchairs on the Titanic? No – Anthony Clowes related how his work in Stoke on Trent had seen church plants begin and revitalise other congregations. How would it be if we are the bride that causes many in our communities to stop, stare and realise what a beauty there is? We as church, would welcome, would value, would love people as God does. Mercy, grace, generosity and a living hope bring transformation! Fun, Reality and outrageous generosity is what should mark church life. That is what he has tried to work though in the Potter’s church.  Many of us might be envious of how he started- with a transfer of 90 people to a new ‘plant’ seeing 40-50% growth in the first year. Commitment! When we are on the ‘risky edge’ we become alive. Yes, there are significant challenges yet we should be bold to do NEW things. The bible is full of ‘new things’. The Potter’s people had learn to go, risk and overcome any fear of failure.

Story 2: Roberto Viana, a Brazilian Methodist Minister, has been in Britain for 15 years now, first in Stockton on Tees and latterly in Poole. He was brought in for his enthusiasm; he had had to graduate by planting a church and get through his probation years by planting yet another church!  He introduced many to the concept of ‘Liquid church’ but that he reckons is not the same as the same phrase as a title of a book produced 15 years ago. In generational terms, he considers the over 60s-70s are ‘solid’ while the under 30s are liquid. Those in between maybe transitioning; does that make them a bit sticky, muddy? Rather, we have few in their 30s-50s. Society on the other hand is more liquid than church is and hence the difficulties in relating to those not in church. Newer church types are more willing to be liquid, in flux perhaps but willing to adapt to new containers. Roberto showed us how a 4-church circuit has been transformed.  Large circuits may not be as ‘liquidatable’. So do we change structures? Only if it facilitates mission to the more liquid society. Experimentation is needed.  So what does ‘Solid’ imply?

Solid Liquid
As in technology- shaped, hardware Unshaped, software
Plannable Unplanned,
Efficiency orientated Unmasterable
Knowing the possible Risking the impossible
Making it repeatable, consistency -secure, safe [as in industrial production] Choice – pluralism
Known identity Relationships change

My question was – how then can we ‘melt’ a solid to flow into the liquid and create mutually permeated new forms of church? – without becoming muddy!?  To change the metaphor from ‘planting’ with needs of right soil, weather etc – Robert preferred a church being pregnant with a baby church to come. Once a church is ‘expecting’ there is an excitement, a lot to prepare, a lot of care to come, and parents have responsibilities. Are any of our churches ‘getting pregnant’!! the metaphors break down perhaps but are we ever excited about getting out of our convenient lifestyles to give the chance to a new life?

Steve and Lorraine Emery-Wright in South Korea

Sheffield District has been asked to provide prayer support for two of our mission partners. Please consider how to present this in our church services, fellowship groups, prayer sessions etc.

Our 70+ partners are being allocated per district and ours have a connection with our district. Some of you will remember them from being at Cliff College with contacts around the Sheffield area. Steve lectured at Cliff, as Masters programme coordinator and Lorraine assisted a lot of the students with needs like Dyslexia, taking notes, checking essays, being there for them to consult.  She also took her own master’s degree. Therefore, they were both qualified to go on their next global assignment –  after New Zealand working with South Sea islanders and Cliff College. Steve originally hails from the US of A and Lorraine from Cornwall. The task is initially with theological students at a South Korean Methodist University. The language is one of the hardest for English users to grasp and this is a key area of prayer: the ability to communicate with cultural understanding; it is a hierarchical language meaning their age and role hold a high status but then they have to know how to relate down as well as to higher status people in South Korea.

Here are a few things to help people pray for them.

For Steve: –

At Hyupsung University Steve has 2 Graduate Master level classes:-  one is Relational Spirituality and the other is Theological Reflection. He really is enjoying the teaching and an answer to prayer is the way in which he and the students have found a way to work together to be able to understand each other.

Last semester he started a monthly English language service for students which is held at lunch times: this is not an easy slot. Please pray for this to grow and students to come and try it.

Also, that next semester (March) he might be able to start a Youth and Mission class. 

At Shin Kwang Methodist Church our Light of Faith English speaking multicultural service takes place in the Upper Room (Level 5). We thank God for our faithful team of 9, which includes guitarists, keyboard players, a cellist, a flautist and a young man who plays a box drum.  People who attend are all encouraged to take part with Calls to worship and Bible readings etc. especially the young people. We want to empower them to take ownership of the service. As things have not developed exactly as we had hoped we are now reassessing the need for the English service.

For Lorraine:

I am grateful for 2 faithful friends who have been attending her Bible Study for many months. We share deeply and have a wonderful prayer time and prayers are definitely being answered.

Please pray for the house group I attend: we go to different homes each week. She thanks God that she has been welcomed and even though language is difficult communication is good.

Since we arrived, 14 months ago, we have both had a lot of health issues that have had to be dealt with.  As we have a 2 year contract please pray for us as the future continues to unfold, and that we will hear God’s calling clearly for the future; only 10 months to go! Next??

We all need continue to pray for a peaceful solution to the conflict between South Korea and North Korea, for the sake of the world.

For more information on Steve and Lorraine – http://methodist.org.uk/mission/world-church/asia-pacific/korea

For all of you-  we need to recruit Mission Enthusiasts for Mission in the World and in Britain in all manner of areas. One per circuit would be the minimum to form a team to present the needs and opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. All such people can contact me and we will start organising a team for the District.

Again, if any church wishes to organise a mission day and wish to invite me to enable a part of it, please let me know well in advance so I can plan before THE Plan becomes fixed in concrete. I am a busy Local Preacher and tutor for some new trainee LPs as well as having an academic post connected with mission and church issues.

Anne E Dyer, ‘Mission Enthusiast’ for Sheffield District, South Yorkshire.


MWiB Coffee Morning

Thursday 9 November – 10- 12:30

The annual Coffee Morning with Christmas Stalls run by the Sheffield District Methodist Women in Britain will be held at Victoria Hall, Norfolk Street.

All proceeds from the stalls will go to World Mission and your support for any of the stalls will be most welcome.

Pam Flavell, MWiB District Secretary

St Andrew’s Psalter Lane Church

Saturday 11th November, 11.00 am  

The War Memorial tablets from the old St Andrew’s Parish Church have been installed in a new, specially commissioned frame inside Shirley House, next door to St Andrew’s Psalter Lane Church. They will be dedicated today with an Armistice Day observance. Shirley House, 31 Psalter Lane, S11 8YL

St Andrew’s Music Festival 2017

The annual festival at St Andrew’s Psalter Lane Church showcases many genres of music. Started by local musician and composer Ray Kohn in 2014, all money from ticket sales goes to the Delphi Trust to support the festival.

Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, the Delphi Trust has supported various music and education programmes. These have included national klezmer workshops, string orchestral weekends, chamber music programmes and the creation of CD teaching aids. ​In 2014 they launched the first St Andrew’s Music festival, which was so successful that they have been persuaded to make it an annual event. Visit the Delphi Trust’s website at http://raykohn.wixsite.com/delphitrust. 

Hecla Ensemble – Friday 10th November, 7.00 pm.

Named after the now-defunct East Hecla Works in Attercliffe, the Ensemble comprises musicians from across Sheffield and presents an evening of French, Norwegian and Czech music as you’ve never heard it before.

Françaix’s Dixtuor (dectet) is a rarely-heard neo-classical work, and is the only piece in the concert in its original form.

The Ensemble will premiere a new version of Grieg’s Holburg Suite, giving it a new set of colours and interest while retaining the melodies and unbounded energy of the original.

Renowned cellist George Kennaway joins the Ensemble to complete the programme with a new edition of Dvořák’s timeless Concerto in a new edition for cello and chamber ensemble.

Ticket prices: Standard £10.00 on the door or £8.80 advance from www.samfest.uk  Concessions (pensioners, students, children and unemployed) £5.00 on the door

Wenyi and Shu: A Concert of Chinese Music – Saturday 11th November, 7.00 pm

Wenyi is a talented qin performer, having started to learn the instrument with Professor Dai Xiaolian at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music when she was seven. She has presented solo performances internationally and, in collaboration with the Chinese traditional Orchestra of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, first performed several qin concerto from modern composers.

Shu has learnt guzheng since her childhood and completed her musical training at Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the University of Sheffield. She has a wide repertoire of Chinese music and also works alongside a range of folk, rock and Indian classical musicians.

Ticket prices: Standard £10.00 on the door or £8.80 advance from www.samfest.uk  Concessions (pensioners, students, children and unemployed) £5.00 on the door

Neil McSweeney – Sunday 12th November, 7.00 pm.

Folk singer-songwriter Neil McSweeney has established himself as a songwriter of rare ability. Setting lyrics that deal with the contrasts and contradictions of life against hopeful and melancholy melodies, his finely crafted songs have been championed by his peers and across national radio and press.  His fourth record, ‘A Coat Worth Wearing’, was released through Hudson Records in March this year.

Ticket prices: Standard £10.00 on the door or £8.80 advance from www.samfest.uk

Dodworth Colliery Band – Tuesday 14th November, 7.30 pm.

Based in the ex-mining village of Dodworth, the Band recently celebrated 180 years since its formation. They have been determined to continue to entertain their audiences since the closure of the local colliery. The band has a wide and varied concert repertoire and their concerts appeal to many musical tastes.

Further information can be found at  www.dodworthcollieryband.co.uk

Ticket prices: Standard £10.00 on the door or £8.80 advance from www.samfest.uk  Concessions (pensioners, students, children and unemployed) £5.00 on the door

Sheffield Young Singers – Thursday 16th November, 7.00 pm.

Sheffield Junior Singers (ages 7-11) and Sheffield Young Singers (ages 11-18) are brought together from a breadth of schools, united by their passion for singing. Now in their 11th year, they have established a reputation for high quality and dynamic singing with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

They aim to delight and entertain with a mix of songs from a wide range of genres. Sheffield Young Singers will be singing part of Britten’s Ceremony of Carols, while Sheffield Junior Singers will sing part of the Sheffield Song Book, commissioned in 2008 with songs celebrating why Sheffield is a great place to live.

Further information can be found at  www.sheffieldyoungsingers.org.uk

Ticket prices: £5.00 on the door

Sheffield Music Academy – Friday 17th November, 7.00 pm

Sheffield Music Academy provides a comprehensive and stimulating musical education to some of our region’s most talented and passionate young instrumentalists (ages 8-19). As one of 15 Centres for Advanced Training in the UK, they offer bursaries and support to their most talented students, enabling them to develop their skills and realise their full potential as musicians.

Further information can be found at  www.themusicacademy.eu

Free entry, donations at the door 

Allegri String Quartet – Saturday 18th November, 7.00 pm

The Allegri Quartet, in its 62nd year, is Britain’s oldest chamber group. Founded in 1953, it has played a key role in the British Musical scene, working with composers such as Benjamin Britten, Elizabeth Maconchy, Anthony Payne and James MacMillan.

Martyn Jackson and Rafael Todes (violins), Dorothea Vogel (viola) and Vanessa Lucas-Smith (cello) begin tonight’s concert with one of Haydn’s most effervescent works, and finish with Sheffield composer Ray Kohn’s 19th string quartet with its Kol Nidre second movement. The evening will be capped by a performance of one of the greatest chamber works ever composed, Beethoven’s opus 132.

Ticket prices: Standard £10.00 on the door or £8.80 advance from www.samfest.uk  Concessions (pensioners, students, children and unemployed) £5.00 on the door

The Gjylaci Duo – Sunday 19th November, 7.00 pm

The Gjylaci brothers are a young and charismatic violin and guitar duo. Graduates of the Royal Northern College of Music, they have performed at many major venues and festivals across the UK and Europe.

Essen-Nikolas is the leader of Northern String Quartet and the artistic director of Manchester String Orchestra, while Jon performs as a soloist across the country promoting his recently-released guitar album.

They also collaborate regularly with British composers and commission new works to broaden the violin and guitar repertoire.

Their programme tonight will include works by Diego Maximo Pujol and Celso Machado, as well as world premieres of music they have commissioned from Sheffield’s Ray Kohn.

Ticket prices: Standard £10.00 on the door or £8.80 advance from www.samfest.uk  Concessions (pensioners, students, children and unemployed) £5.00 on the door

Concert for Guitar and Flute

Saturday 2 December – 7:30pm

Nick Fletcher (Guitar) and John Hackett (Flute) will be performing at Carterknowle Methodist Church, Sheffield S7 2BR. The programme will include Bach’s Sonata in C; Handel’s Sonata in A minor plus music by Elgar and Debussy
Tickets – £10 (£5 concession), Children under 12 free with a paying adult.

Training and Learning Opportunities

How to Share your Cloak

Saturday 11 November – Heslington Church, York YO10 5EE

This is an opportunity for chaplains to meet, network and celebrate the legacy of St Martin; and for individuals and churches interested in chaplaincy to explore a variety of models with a view to taking it further.

There will be a panel of diverse practitioners (confirmed at time of print)Rev Hannah Bucke ministering to seasonal workers and homeless in Southend; Rev Naomi Kaiga, Chaplain at Wakefield Prison; Rev David Markay whose church has embarked on a chaplaincy for local factory workers in Dronfield; Rev Caroline Andrews, Chaplain to Saltaire Heritage Site.

plus a series of practical ‘How to…’ workshops.  Please book, spaces are limited:

  • Chaplaincy in Community: Rev Peter and Rev Suva Catford
  • Chaplaincy and Gambling: Rev Jenny Spouge and Rev Peter Clark
  • Chaplaincy in Sports: Warren Evans
  • Chaplaincy for Seasonal Workers and Homeless: Rev Hannah Bucke
  • Chaplaincy Behind and Beyond the Prison Gate: Rev Kirsty Clark
  • Chaplaincy in Acute Care and Retirement Living: Chris Swift

This event is free, lunch is provided; therefore, booking is essential.

More details on the flyer here: How to Share your Cloak 1

Cliff College

Certificate courses in Pioneer Ministry

The Certificate in Pioneer Ministry course is a dynamic and significant contribution to reflective practice on Pioneering and Fresh Expression, drawing together key practitioners for encouragement, discussion and learning. Are you one of them?

The course will be helpful to those who are active in pioneer mission and want to learn and reflect with others engaged in similar work. They are a result of collaboration  between Methodist Pioneering Pathways, VentureFX and Cliff College, but are open to people of any church tradition or denomination.
The Certificate in Pioneer Ministry is available over two weeks and concentrates on ‘the pioneer and mission’ in the Vocation and Mission week (November) and on ‘the pioneer and Church’ in the Church and Practice week (March). The two weeks are complementary and students can study each one as a stand-alone course, or study both (either way round), as an introduction and overview of the various opportunities and challenges facing pioneers.

Pioneer Ministry Certificate 1 (Vocation & Mission) will be Mon 13th – Fri 17th November 2017 and Pioneer Ministry 2 (Church and Practice) will be Mon 19th – Fri 23rd March 2018. Full details in the flyer here: Certificate in Pioneer Ministry 2017-18 flyer

Introducing the Methodist Church

27-29 November – Cliff College

‘Introducing the Methodist Church’ is a new course designed for ministers of other denominations who are serving in Single Congregation LEPs in which the Methodist Church is a partner.

The sessions will be led by a number of Methodists, both lay and ordained: they will outline and enable discussions about our history, theology, polity, worship, and mission; a ‘view from the pew’ will be offered; and the participants will share in worship together.

The course will take place at Cliff College from 16.00 on Monday, 27 November to after lunch on Wednesday, 29 November; the fee is £150 and payment will be requested when a place is confirmed.

Please click here to book a place.  Places are limited so will be allocated on a first come basis and we will make a waiting list available.

The Cliff College website  provides lots of information, including a map and directions. Those travelling by train usually use Chesterfield station and then take a bus or taxi to the college.

Exploring Vocation

Saturday 13 January – Oxford Place, Leeds

Is God calling you to a form of lay or ordained ministry with the Methodist Church? Are you wrestling with your covation and wanting to learn more about what ministry might entail?

It can help to explore these questions in the company of others, so why not come to a day of worship , prayer, reflection and discussion at Oxford Place Methodist Church, Leeds LS1 3AX on Saturday 13 January.

Full details in the flyer here: Vocations Flier 2018

Bible Month training


Saturday 27th January, 10am – 3:30pm

Oxford Place Methodist Church, Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3AX (www.oxfordplacecentre.org.uk)

Led by the Revd Paul Ashby, a retired Methodist minister and Old Testament Scholar. Workshops in the afternoon will explore leading worship and preaching, leading creative all-age worship, and leading small groups.

Please bring your Bibles. Lunch will be provided!

£15 entry charge.

To book your place, contact Katrin Hackett (admin@sheffieldmethodist.org) or download the booking form here: 20180127 – Bible month training day

Job Vacancies


Sheffield District Communications Officer (part-time)

The appointment is for 16 hours per week on average throughout the year, recognising that there will be times of concentrated activity,
with a probationary period of 3 months.

Salary will be £8,500 per annum plus contributory pension scheme.

The Communications Officer will be responsible for supporting, and where appropriate providing, pro-active communication between the District, its circuits and churches, and between them and the wider community.

Working in partnership with other District Officers, the main tasks will be to:

  • to enable people to be equipped to exercise their particularly ministry and fulfil their calling
  • to increase the awareness of learning opportunities
  • to enable officers and other across the District to see new ways of doing things
  • to raise the profile and awareness of the work of the District internally and externally
  • to enable a flow of relevant information between churches, circuits and individuals
  • to better inform churches and circuits leading to new activities

Applicants should be sympathetic to the aims, objectives and ethos of the Methodist Church.

Communications Officer role outline
Communications Officer Person Specification

Communications Officer application Form
Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form

Alternatively please email the District Administrators on admin@sheffieldmethodist.org  or call 0114 270 9990

Closing date:  12 noon on Friday 17 November 2017

Interviews in Sheffield on Friday 8 December 2017

Mission Development Support Worker (Part Time)

The appointment is for 16 hours per week on average throughout the year, recognising that there will be times of concentrated activity, with a probationary period of 3 months.

Salary will be £8,500 per annum plus contributory pension scheme.

The Mission Development Support Worker will be responsible for supporting mission initiatives across the Methodist Church in the Sheffield District including where appropriate delivering, developing and implementing.

Working in partnership with other District Officers, the main tasks will be to:

  • Provide guidance, expertise and support on practical, financial and project management issues which would otherwise prevent or delay implementation of valuable mission projects across the District
  • Increase confidence and expertise of churches and circuits in implementing risk-taking mission
  • Provide expertise not available at local level to facilitate and accelerate change
  • Promote and encourage networking amongst those responsible for financing and managing projects

Funding is available for an initial 3 year appointment; continuation is reliant on the role becoming self-sustaining through generation of applicable income for the District

Applicants should be sympathetic to the aims, objectives and ethos of the Methodist Church.

Mission Development Officer Role Description
Mission Development Support Worker Person Specification

Closing date: 12 noon on Friday 10 November 2017

Interviews in Sheffield on Thursday 23 November 2017

You can download an application form here:
MDSW Application Form

Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form

Alternatively please email the District Administrators on admin@sheffieldmethodist.org or call 0114 270 9990

Other News

York Courses

Our new website is now live at www.yorkcourses.co.uk and our two latest courses are available in digital format as downloads (as well as in printed format).

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? has 4 sessions, making it ideal for the 4 weeks of Advent. It’s written by Lucy Winkett, who also features on the course audio in relaxed conversation with Simon Stanley.

Last Friday’s Church Times review of Advent material said: “Simon Stanley brilliantly explores the whole business of time, waiting and rushing with Lucy Winkett. The course booklet is a must-read before engaging with the CD, which forms the icing on the course’s very substantial cake.”

ON THE THIRD DAY is a 5-session course, which most groups will follow at Lent (although – as always with our courses – it’s not tied to a specific season). The course booklet is written by Bishop John Pridmore, and the contributors on the course audio are:

  • Revd Professor Tom Wright; Professor Paul Vallely; Revd Ruth Gee and Bishop Libby Lane

Taste Prayer Points

Praise for:

  • God’s continuing protection and faithfulness to our staff and His promise to be with us always – even to the end of the age
  • The end of the Rainy Season which has meant that project work has resumed resulting in the easing of the financial pressures that TASTE Nigeria had been under
  • The successful Reeth Ramble 2017 which has so far raised £759.51 – with more promised

Pray that:

  • TASTE staff will continue to honour God in all that they do both in the UK and in Nigeria
  • The UK & Nigeria Trustees will know God’s wisdom as they continue the process of transitioning to the new TASTE structure
  • TASTE Nigeria Trustees will be granted wisdom as they look to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced TASTE Nigeria Country Director to develop the work of TASTE Nigeria – the appointment is expected this November
  • Our CEO Ben will be kept safe and will have a fruitful trip to Nigeria. He hopes to travel on Tuesday 7 and return on Saturday 25 November
  • The new Country Director would be appointed during Ben’s visit so that they can meet to go through TASTE values and ethos in personThe new Country Director will work well with Ben, Tim, Nigeria Staff and Trustees
  • This new appointment would ensure timely and sustained progress in TASTE Nigeria

Thank you for praying for us. Feel free to call Ben on – 07737413772 – if you’d like further information about any of these matters. Our website address is (www.taste.org.uk)

Methodist News

Churches and faith groups urge Government to be strong and not to fudge reform of FOBTs

In a statement, the Salvation Army, the Church of England, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church, the Baptist Union and the Church of Scotland, CARE, the Evangelical Alliance and Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs said:

“Fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) present serious problems in society and for local communities, families and individuals. Evidence links them to patterns of addictive behaviour, large financial losses and anti-social and criminal behaviour. While we welcome the Government’s consultation, anything approaching an upper limit of £50 would not go far enough to reduce the negative impact these machines can have on individuals, families and the wider society.”

Not only is there a major challenge presented by FOBTs, there are also wider issues associated with gambling that require serious political commitment to address.

“We stand by the belief that the maximum stake on fixed odds betting terminals must be radically reduced from the current maximum stake of £100. We believe that this will help to reduce the potentially enormous financial loss that some people experience, and therefore the consequences including debt, depression and crime. Most of us are committed to a £2 maximum.

“We urge the Government to view gambling addiction as a public health issue. The Department of Health must engage with gambling addiction strategically, at the levels of both prevention as well as treatment for individuals.

“Evidence showing that problem gambling causes harm to a disproportionate extent in disadvantaged areas and amongst ethnic minorities. Local authorities must be empowered to combat the increase of gaming machines and their clustering in disadvantaged areas.

“There is also evidence of a strong association between problem gambling and online play. In this context it is very important that the long awaited multi-operator self-exclusion system for online gambling, first promised by the Government in March 2014, is now implemented as quickly and as robustly as possible.

“We are profoundly concerned about the marked growth in gambling advertising and urge the Government to adopt a 9 p.m. watershed, which includes the promotion of gambling through sports events.”

Joint statement on Myanmar

Methodist relief funds around the world have united to respond and raise awareness of the humanitarian catastrophe taking place in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Click here to read it

Open welcome

Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre, has released a new ‘toolkit’ to help rural churches consider how we might use our buildings to offer better welcome and hospitality to our communities. Click here to find out more and download your free resource

Chat and Play

During November, Action for Children will be encouraging churches and partners to run ‘Chat and Play sessions’ – structured events to help tackle loneliness faced by children and parents. Click here to download your pack, or email Hannah John for more information.