The Peak Filling Station

Christians across the Peak District celebrating together with lively songs, and a speaker who will encourage and challenge.

In June we were challenged to consider where we were going, both individually and as a Filling Station, as an expression of Christianity in and to our community: the challenge “coincided” with the question we were asking ourselves.

The Peak Filling Station has been running for 4 years and had reached hundred across the Peak District and beyond.  But during the past few weeks several of the leadership team have asked to step down and several new folk have expressed an interest in becoming a part of a new leadership team, all of which is entirely healthy.

Therefore, I have agreed we should have a pause in our monthly meetings while the leadership team reforms and plans a new programme.  If you have programme suggestions to offer please let me know

I anticipate we will meet again commencing March 2018 with new ideas and a reinvigorated team, we should never fear pausing and asking God what he wants of us; for which I believe God will bless us. Thank you for your past involvement, we look forward to the future.

Contact Richard Williams-Menlove for more information
T: 0771 204 9255, email