Training and development for supporting and becoming effective Churches and Circuits

Here are opportunities to equip individuals, churches and circuits to develop knowledge and understanding about operating effectively and efficiently.  There are also activities and courses, which challenge us to think about what it means to be churches and circuits, in the contemporary world.

Healthy ChurchHealthy Churches

These 2 x 2 hours sessions enable churches to review, discuss and assess their health against 7 indicators. They are offered on request to any church.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Healthy Circuits

As above, these 2 x 2 hours sessions help circuit leadership teams to critically review, discuss and assess their health against 7 markers.  It is offered on request to circuit leadership teams.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

familyfriendlychurchThe Welcoming Church

A range of resources is available to explore and share as well as offer insight and ideas on being a welcoming and invitational church.  It is available on request as a 2-hour session, to individual churches or groups of representatives from several churches in a circuit.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Inclusion – Is everyone welcome?

A workshop, developed by the Sheffield District, to explore how and what issues of equality, diversity and inclusion are considered and addressed in our approaches to welcoming people into our churches.  It includes identifying future actions to become more inclusive.

Inclusion – Sexual Orientation

A workshop, developed by the Sheffield District, to explore inclusion and sexual orientation.

Chaplaincy Everywhere

A six week course of 2 hour sessions for those wanting to explore the diverse nature of chaplaincy, with practical examples as well as biblical reflection.  It can be used by small groups as a short course eg for lent or advent.
Free download at:
Contact: Rachel McCallam


This training is a vital requirement for all churches.  Creating Safer Spaces (Connexional safeguarding training framework) consists of two modules: Foundation (two and half hours) Leadership (day).   A team of volunteer trainers based in circuits has been developed to deliver the Foundation Module, which is mandatory for all ministers, lay employees and office holders.  The Learning and Development Network Officer is responsible for training these trainers along with their on-going support.

The Leadership Module, which is primarily for ministers and lay employees working with children, young people, families and those working with vulnerable adults, is being implemented over a three year period in collaboration with the Yorkshire Plus Learning and Development Network.
Contact: Rachel McCallam or Sheffield Distrist Safeguarding Officer

Mission / Vision days

Tailored consultancy sessions are available for individual churches, to help them examine and explore how they engage with their communities, their hopes and dreams and practical ways forward for the future. It is offered on request in a flexible way to individual church groups.
Contact: Rachel McCallam / Siggy Parratt-Halbert

LICC Imagine Church

Imagining new ways of being a church involves a 6 week course which can be downloaded at this website.   It is designed to consider the development of everyone in church and can be downloaded here:

rucksack-folderMission-shaped Ministry (introductory course)

This six week introductory course of 2 hourly sessions, explores the changes in society and culture which have led to the need for congregations to engage with new forms of Church.  It can work well with church members from across different denominations.
Conatact: Rachel McCallam

Mission-shaped Ministry course

Running for 1 year, with 7 evening sessions, 3 Saturdays and a residential weekend, this course offers participants an in-depth opportunity to  look at how the inherited church can become more missional in its thinking.  It offers an interactive  exploration of how to set up and grow Fresh Expressions of Church.  As with the introductory course, it can work with church members from different denominations.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Fresh Expressions

A flexible resource offering sessions explaining what Fresh Expressions are and how the church can engage in different ways of being. It is offered on request through flexible arrangements with a single or several churches from one circuit.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Making ‘Church’ work – Creative Action Workshop

Experiential workshop developing confidence and strengthening relationships within the context of church life and mission.  Useful with church reviews and action planning.
Contact: Merry Evans

Recruiting and Appointing Lay Workers

Consultancy on recruitment and appointment requirements along with best practice; bespoke information and advice when making lay appointments is available within the District in addition to the detailed information on the Connexion website.
Contact: Lay Employment

Lay employees induction programme

Carried out over 3 days in one Connexional year and offered across 4 Yorkshire Districts, this induction programme covers: pastoral care, communication skills, performance management, spiritual development, structures, doctrines and history of the Methodist Church.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Line management of lay employees

A one day course, offered as required, across 4 Yorkshire Districts, covers roles, responsibilities, definitions of line management/supervision, induction, probationary periods and performance management.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

L&D jigsawChurch Steward training

An introduction to all aspects of being a church steward, this course aims to enable participants to understand the wider roles of the church steward, beyond duties carried
out in the vestry before and after a service. It is a highly interactive, one day course in which there is much to be learnt from fellow participants.  It is offered to any circuit, or church, upon request, for recently appointed Church Stewards, those about to be appointed and anyone who is interested in taking up the role in future. However, many experienced stewards have also attended in the past.
Contact: Rachel McCallam:

Circuit Steward training

This course, covering 2 days (usually Saturdays) offers an introduction to all aspects of being a circuit steward.  Strong emphasis is made on the pastoral aspects and the relationships which stewards have, as well as the vision required to lead the circuit.  The course does not attempt to deal with the detail of, for example,being the treasurer or stationing.  Rather it seeks to give participants a grounding, which will enable them to deal with all aspects of the role.  This is very interactive course in which there is much to be learnt from fellow participants.  It is aimed at recently appointed Circuit Stewards, those about to be appointed and anyone who is interested in the role in the future.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Church and circuit reviews

Tools for reflection are available to help churches review and assess their current position and to plan for the future.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Cliff College short courses

The College offers a range of short courses, with some evening classes, on a wide variety of topics such as Bible, Theology, Worship, Wesley, Mission and Preaching.  Other courses include Christian Life and Mission; a Certificate in Christian Mentoring as well as Luke in the Holy Land, which is taught in Jerusalem.

These are open to all and are offered over 1 or 2 weeks at various times of the year.  There are also post graduate certificates, diplomas and masters courses covering 11 distinct streams, for 1 year full time or 2 years part-time study.  Entry requirements are flexible.

discipleshipcomeasyouare-300Membership training

Come as you are
Come as you are… explores Christian discipleship and church membership. It was written specifically for use in Methodist churches but could be adapted easily to work in other denominations. The course is well connected with clear links between each part. It is very easy to use. There is a welcome and strong emphasis on prayer and spirituality. It feels like an up to date church membership course.

Compass is a short course that introduces the Christian faith to those who wish to explore its meaning. Like any compass it relates to a particular map and the one intended is Christian discipleship in the Methodist Church.

Understanding Finance

Ways of managing budgets, understanding spreadsheets and getting to grips with financial management
Contact: Phill Borkett

Leadership training

Ecumenical approaches to leadership are available on request.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Property assessment

There are schedules, available on-line, which are vital for property assessments.  Property stewards may seek additional support in completing these schedules. 
Contact: Peter Sheasby