Support and development for presbyters and deacons

Outlined below are some of the opportunities available to help presbyters and deacons to develop in their role as well as feel supported in their work.

Candidates support

A range of opportunities is available for those considering candidating for the Ministry. They include: Exploring Vocation; Exploring ministry – information evenings and insight into the candidating process; Exploring ministry – information/exploration day looking at portfolios and kinds of ministry for which candidating.  These opportunities are generally held over 2 days in February/March; 2 evenings in May/June and a Saturday in July.  1 Saturday per month from September – March, is available for all interested in candidating.  A candidate support group operates for potential candidates and their families.
Contact: Marian Olsen /  Graham Jones / Sean Adair

Probationers’ group

Groups of probationer presbyters and deacons meet regularly for study, mutual support, spiritual growth, and discussion of issues faced in early years of full-time ministry. Outside day to day work, sessions include theological reflections on setting and ministry, meetings with mentors, and preparations for ordination. Monthly meetings are held for two years, during which themes, venues and leadership rotate among participants. The support also includes a three-day retreat and an away-day retreat once each year.  This group is open to probationer presbyters and deacons in their first two years of full-time ministry
Contact: Karen Beecham / Sean Adair

Ministers between 3 & 10 years support

Those who are 3 years in ministry join the probationers’ retreat (above)

A two-day retreat with a variety of content related to ministerial practice and support for those serving for 4-10 years.

Contact: Chair of the District

Superintendents’ development and support

A range of support and developmental opportunities is available for all Superintendents in the District.  In September, one morning is allocated to a business meeting.  A 48 hours’ retreat is offered in November and one day in March/April.  The retreats cover a wide variety of content, ranging from prayer to aspects of ministerial practice.
Contact: Chair of the District

Ministerial Development Review

A Connexion-wide ministerial review scheme operates for ordained and lay contributors. Two hour preparation sessions are offered to everyone involved.

Continuing Development in Ministries (CDiM)

The District CDiM policy requires the Chair to consult ministers each summer about the content of the Annual Learning Opportunity available to all presbyters and deacons who are in active work.  Arrangements for the review day are discussed and negotiated. Individual development needs are identified as part of the Ministerial Development Review.
Contact: Chair of the District

UTU  Urban Theology Unit

Courses for further study for presbyters, deacons and lay people are available through the UTU in Sheffield.

Cliff College short courses

The College offers a range of short courses, with some evening classes, on a wide variety of topics such as Bible, Theology, Worship, Wesley, Mission and Preaching.  Other courses include Christian Life and Mission; a Certificate in Christian Mentoring as well as Luke in the Holy Land, which is taught in Jerusalem.

These are open to all and are offered over 1 or 2 weeks at various times of the year.  There are also post graduate certificates, diplomas and masters courses covering 11 distinct streams, for 1 year full time or 2 years part-time study.  Entry requirements are flexible.