Small groups and deepening discipleship

Listed here are some learning and development activities, which are designed, often via small group work, to challenge and deepen faith, spirituality and discipleship.

Walking with God

A four week course offering generic skills training for facilitators of small groups
Contact:  Rachel McCallam


An in-depth, year-long course is designed to deepen people’s understanding of the Bible and discipleship.  Training for people who would like to facilitate this small-group study is offered, via a 1x 2 hour session.
Contact:  Rachel McCallam

Step Forward

This is a year-long course exploring discipleship in creative ways, through the four elements of Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness.

Training for people who would like to facilitate small-group study is available via a 1×2 hour session.
Contact: Rachel McCallam

Working with groups and teams: Creative Action Workshops

Exploration of how groups work; helping teams ‘gel’; communication and building confidence to take on roles and responsibilities.
Contact: Merry Evans

Deepening Discipleship

Three standalone sessions on

  1. How to be a better disciple
  2. How to disciple one another
  3. How to disciple people outside your church

Contact: Siggy Parratt-Halbert

Outdoor/Natural worship

Exploration of the Forest Church movement (worshipping God within His own creation; understanding the Christian faith using the natural environment), for children/families and adults
Contact: Siggy Parratt-Halbert


Experience a deep and dynamic way of working with the bible.  Led by a director/conductor, this is a gentle workshop using drama.
Contact: Merry Evans


A range of opportunities to explore spirituality, including spiritual accompaniment, is available through discussion and negotiation with the facilitators.
Contact: District Office

Healing Ministry

The course covers the history of healing ministry from the early church to the present day; theology, practical implementation and good praxis guidelines, bible study.  It is set in the context of worship and Fresh Expressions of healing are also covered.
Contact: Jo Archer-Siddall

Encounter and Accompanist training

Encounter is a twelve-month circuit-based programme for Christians who have a desire to deepen their faith and increase their awareness of what being a Christian disciple means for their everyday lives and what God may be calling them to do.  Encounter aims to deepen an understanding of vocation in its broadest sense, including ordination, lay employment or service in the church and community, in new or existing settings.  As part of the programme individual participants are matched with an Accompanist.

The programme runs across all four Yorkshire districts and each year three circuits join together to host a group. Facilitators are trained to deliver the sessions.  A one day Accompanist training is also provided for suitable candidates.

Contact: Rachel McCallam,  Sean Adair

Cell Ministry including Youth Cells

Small groups can be arranged on themes of discipleship.
Contact: Rachel McCallam