Local Preachers and Worship Leaders

An active preaching and worship network has developed in the District over recent years.  It aims to support not only local preachers and worship leaders but ministers too, along with co-ordinators and tutors, to offer developmental opportunities of exploring and organising vibrant worship and preaching.

Worship and Preaching  (W and P) development

Typical activities, across an annual cycle, include: District Worship and Preaching Days held 6 monthly; Ecumenical Worship and Preaching Days in co-operation with the Regional Training Programme, held 6 monthly; an annual business meeting of Circuit Local Preachers and Worship Leaders as well as officers, including secretaries. These opportunities, along with much more information, are available via the tri-annual News-Sheet.  Worship Leaders’ training is also available within Circuits.  Learning and Development events can be also organised in response to local interest or demand and have recently included such themes as, Leading Worship Together – Local preachers and Worship leaders Workshop.  A brochure is planned for the whole District, which will capture developments and encourage networking between those interested who have been involved in developments and those who might be interested in future opportunities.

Contact: John Young/Revd Jen Mullis OBE

Warming up to Worship (Creative Action)

Exploring and experiencing the creative cycle to help prepare for worship regardless of ‘style’ or ‘congregation. Examining worship as a creative process and how we play our part.
Contact: Merry Evans