Being disciples in a wider world

Listed here are some of the learning opportunities, which can equip us to reach out to more and different people, in diverse contexts, both locally and globally.

Care for the Family

A wide range of courses on positive parenting is available, covering all ages and stages of families from toddlers to teens; marriage courses are also offered, as are bereavement courses for those who have lost children.  Training of trainers courses are essential as all learning must be facilitated by accredited or licensed trainers.  See the website for details of training.  These courses offer good community outreach activities in which churches can be involved.


Eight sessions of a multimedia course developed by MRDF, IOTA is an interactive learning opportunity, designed to introduce small groups to the big issues around poverty and the things Christianity has to say about them.  The sessions are explained and downloadable from the website.

Lost for Words

Published by CPAS alongside, ‘Talking of God’; designed to learn to speak about faith with anyone in a natural, relaxed, helpful way.

Talking of God

Following on from the Conference Report of 2005 ‘Time to Talk of God’, this course looks at faith-sharing as a conversation. It aims to enable local churches to gain confidence in speaking about their faith in Jesus; to deepen the relationship between individuals within a church context; and to encourage the church to recognise the opportunities already offered to them to share the good news of Jesus Christ. It is designed to encourage Christians to gain confidence in conversing about their faith in the many contexts in which they find themselves. Sessions are entitled: Starting the Conversation; Conversation Stoppers; Conversations in Context; and Living the Conversation. These 4 topics can be facilitated on single sessions over four weeks or over the course of a single day.

Christians Against Poverty

Short courses on money management are offered, typically over 4 or 5 sessions, for anyone wanting to manage their money more efficiently and effectively.  These courses are not necessarily for people who are troubled by debt.  Individual referrals and personalised debt counselling is available however, for those who need such support.  Training for those interested in becoming CAP Money Coaches is offered regularly.  See the website for up to date information.

Church Action on Poverty

For any organisation or church wanting to be more active in anti-poverty strategies and activities, support for anti poverty campaigning; participatory budgeting and payday loans, is offered. See the website for more information.

Inter-faith working

For individual churches or circuits wishing to become more involved in inter-faith working, contact: Gareth Jones

Socio-drama and Creative Action Workshops

Using ‘action’ as well as words in a wide range of group settings.  Key concepts and practices explored as well as: spontaneity, creativity, roles, systems, sharing, using the interests or concerns of a group to form the focus of activity.   A secular group led by a Christian Minister.
Contact: Merry Evans

Playback Theatre

A group/audience is facilitated and supported in telling of events and stories from their own lives. Trained actors and musicians improvise the stories with sensitivity and they progress from short moments to longer stories.  Connections often made between members of the audience; sometimes a healing (cathartic) experience.  A secular activity co-led by a Christian minister.
Contact: Merry Evans

Inspire Movement

Training to set up small fellowship bands is supported by this network.
Contact: Phil Meadows

Rural Issues and Christian Presence

Self-study and taught course to be produced