Useful Forms for MDR

All the forms are in Word format and should download automatically for you. If you have trouble opening any of them, please let the District Office know and they can send you them in an alternative format.

Completion Form

It is important for the smooth working of Ministerial Development Review that it is seen to be working consistently and transparently across the Connexion.
It is, therefore, necessary to report to the District Chair that your annual review meeting has successfully taken place. This is done by returning the form below to the District Office by 31 August.

MDR completion form

Hopes and Goals

This form allows you to record up to 3 hopes or goals which have been identified as a result of your reflection on your ministry. However there is no obligation to record as many as three. In each case though, you should try to be specific about the support needed to enable you to realise them and how you will know if they have been achieved.

MDR Hopes & Goals

Points for Action

Are there changes or developments within the circuits / district / Connexion which would support your ministry? Do they have implications which could go beyond the three participants at the review meeting? If so use this form to make a note of them.

MDR Points for action

Areas for Learning and Development

This form is used to identify any areas for learning and development; suggestions for support and/or interventions/courses which might be helpful and any action that needs to be taken and by whom. It also  has space for you to indicate any anticipated costs involved.


Reimbursement can be made for items which relate to areas of development identified in the 2016/17 MDR or to opportunities which have emerged recently emerged  and are payable from District budget 2017/18. Items identified in the 2017/18 MDR are payable from 1 September 2018

MDR Funding Expense Claim Form

Feedback Form

This form can be used to request feedback from others to help inform the MDR process. There are questions on how they exercise their role, any noteworthy contributions, gifts and skills that are particularly valued and areas of ministry. Space is also provided for any additional questions that may be appropriate. Please feel free to amend these sections where appropriate.

The following are important principles to consider when providing feedback:

  • Avoid vague, ambiguous statements.
  • Be specific and provide examples as far as is possible.
  • Be as objective as possible.
  • Avoid labels, criticism and judgements of the person.
  • Focus on the person’s actions rather than the person.
  • Provide encouragement.


Further information can also be found here: Ministerial Development Review Booklet