Learning and Development Group

The Learning and Development Group exists to co-ordinate information about training and development opportunities within and beyond our District, in order to help build learning churches and circuits. It also seeks to stimulate new opportunities and, where necessary, organise and offer workshops and courses.

Current membership includes:
Dr Jan Eldred (Convener); Katrin Hackett ; Rachel McCallam; Siggy Parratt-Hallberts; Revd Debora Marschner; Revd Sean Adair

You will find learning and development opportunities also outlined in other parts of this website; they are linked to different aspects of church life and, generally, mirror some of those offered on these pages.  From time to time particular events and learning opportunities will be advertised and promoted via the web and the weekly newsletter.

Discipleship & Ministries Learning and Development Network

The Learning Network is a new entity, created by the Conference in 2012. It aims to make learning and development part of the core life of the church and its members, not just something that people performing certain roles, such as ministers or local preachers, do at the start of their service. Regionally based, it will make training more accessible to people by moving much of it out of residential full-time colleges, adding part-time, short course, online and other training to the mix. It will also lead to a wider range of roles supported, reflecting the idea that we all can and should learn and grow as Christian disciples throughout our lives.

More information can be found here: DMLN Network
and here : DMLN – Yorkshire Plus Region