Expense Claim Forms

There are a variety of Expense Claim Forms that you can use, depending on the nature of your claim. Expenses are usually paid after the 10th day of the month by bank transfer, so please make sure you include your bank details in any claim.

Basic Expense Claim

This form is a single-sheet Excel file with four sections: Mileage travel, other Travel (train/parking ect), Admin costs (phone, stamps ect) and Other. It is set up to automatically calculate the total for each section and then the total claim:  expenses claim (basic)

Detailed Expense Claim

This form can be used when the basic form doesn’t give you enough space for all your claims. Whilst there are still the basic headings, this Excel file has separate sheets for each are, with a summary sheet (which is automatically updated) to show the total claim: expenses claim (detailed)

Travel Claim

This form is for claiming one-off travel expenses for a District related event. Ideally claims should be within 1 month of the event taking place. This is a Word file which does not automatically update totals, so you will need to calculate them yourself: Travel Claim – District events