Lay Employees Orientation Programme


The Lay Employees Orientation Programme is spread over two days and offers a framework for newly appointed lay employees who are working in a church context. The framework is designed to enable them to understand better the role of a church worker in general as well as their own setting.

The programme also aims to develop good practice through sharing together and through the learning opportunities which the different topics provide.

Day One – Starting Out and Pastoral Care

Day One will enable lay employees to develop their understanding about the context of their lay ministry and cover elements of pastoral care, including safeguarding children and adults and working with confidentiality.

Day Two  – Working with Groups and Work Context Spirituality, Faith and Methodism

Day Two will enable lay employees to deepen their understanding about how groups function, explore effective communication skills, reflect on their job descriptions and the appraisal scheme. It will also explore different models of spiritual development, faith sharing, vocation and key elements of Methodist history and doctrine.

There is no charge for the Lay Employees Orientation Programme. It is expected travel expenses will be met by the local employer. Lunch will be provided at all venues.

Details of when the next course will take place will be advertised in the District Weekly Mailing. Contact Katrin Hackett ( to be kept informed.