Introducing Lorraine

Lorraine BrownHello!

I am pleased to be able to introduce myself as Deacon Lorraine Brown, The Peak Park Rural Development Enabler.

I have been a Methodist Deacon for 12 years and spent the past 8 years stationed as the Director to Amelia Methodist Trust Farm, so living and working on a farm project in the beautiful rural Vale of Glamorgan in Wales.

I am now living within the park, in the village of Elton just 5 miles from Matlock and have been here for 5 weeks as I write this note.  I have had a very warm welcome form the village and the churches I have visited; I am really enjoying having neighbours again.

When starting any new position, it is always a challenge to find ones way around a new area. Having spent many hours in my past playing in the Peak Park, (walking, climbing, mountain biking etc.), I am not unfamiliar with the area, but I am still a little overwhelmed by the fact that I need two OS maps to find my way to all the places I serve and to learn the boundaries of the three different districts and circuits within them.

I was fortunate enough to be here for Easter, so enjoyed joining in different Districts and circuits Easter activities. Meeting with the Superintendents of the Peak was helpful; hearing the stories of a number of initiatives already happening was inspirational and left me feeling encouraged for other possible activities.

So far I have visited over half of the 35 Methodist churches within the Peak, –it is my intention to visit them all-and to met some of the people –(I’m not sure I will ever meet all the people!!) I have also visited some Anglican and LEP churches.


I want to hear your stories and get a feel of what it is like to be church in each area. It is my hope that in time we will able to work together to explore how best to be church and how best to serve our communities in some of these areas and then together we will build on what we already have – I am keen, but please bear with me, I’m new and have much to learn from you.

I thank you for the warm welcome that has already been extended to me and look forward to meeting and working with many more of you over coming weeks. Please invite me to your meeting and events so I can get to know you.