Criminal Records/DBS eligibility checklist

In response to numerous requests the District has produced a new guide to help churches and circuits clarify which posts and roles require a DBS check and at what level.  In June 2013 the Government introduced a number of changes to the eligibility criteria, but it has taken many organisations a while to become familiar with these.

This new guidance we are publishing is based on a study of currently available DBS information and a consideration of wider Methodist Church practice.  For the first time we have tried to provide lists of roles and posts using language and descriptions that churches are likely to be familiar with.  The lists are not exhaustive however and local churches and safeguarders may still need to use the information to help assess whether a position is eligible for a check.

Importantly, after some discussion we have aimed to clarify the position of pastoral visitors whose work may bring them into contact with vulnerable adults and now confirm that they will all require a check.  Please read more details about this in the guide.

The guide is available here:  DBS eligibilty guide Sept 2014