Local Preacher’s Psalms

At the March 2014 Bolsover & Stavely Circuit meeting of Local Preachers and leaders of Worship, they were given 10 minutes to write a psalm.  The meeting split into four groups each of which wrote on a particular topic, and each member of the groups was invited to contribute at least a couple of lines to the finished psalm.  The results were considered suitable for publication in our circuit newsletter and possibly for inclusion in the district prayer handbook – if not indeed in the Methodist Prayer Handbook.

Here are the resulting psalms:

A Psalm of Praise

Oh Lord I will sing of your goodness.
I will exalt your name with joy.
Every day will I praise you
for your mercies are new every morning.
We praise you because you are Holy.
We praise you because you are Lord.
Our praise and thanks we give to you
for every good thing you give to us.
I see your love, creativity, wisdom and power
in every ray of sunlight, snowflake and drop of rain.

A Psalm of Lament

I feel as though I am at the bottom of a great pit,
my feet are stuck in the mire.
Lift me before I lose hope.
Lift me for you are all I have.
Where are you?
I’ve looked everywhere but I cannot find you –
I was never good at hide and seek.
I’ve lost my way, Lord put my feet on the right path
and help me to hear your voice.
Unblock my ears and open my eyes
so I can see your beauty once again,
and hear the birds singing
Take me into your realm and hold me tight.
Do not forget me.  Do not leave me or forsake me.
You know my every need.
My hope and faith rests on you.
I wait……

A Psalm of Creation

For the sun which warms the earth
and the flowers which warm our hearts,
We give you thanks, Creator God.

For majestic mountains reaching high,
For deep ravines and valleys green,
We give you thanks, Creator God.

For lakes and rivers, streams and oceans,
For a land rich with resources,
We give you thanks, Creator God.

For diversity of culture, race and creed,
For our adoption into your family,
We give you thanks, Creator God.

For the vastness and mysteries of space,
For intellect to question and understand,
We give you thanks, Creator God.

A Psalm as a prayerful Song

O sing to the Lord a new day,
for He has done marvellous things.
We praise you for the wonders of your universe.
We rejoice in You O God,
for you encourage us in dark days of despair.
Lift us from gloom into the light of your holiness.
We rejoice in Your promises,
and the knowledge that You are always available.
We rejoice in the power of prayer
which unites our souls to God.