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There are a wide variety of resources available on the internet. Here are a few links that might be useful singing the faith

Singing the Faith plus

Singing the Faith is more than a book. It is also a website for musicians and leaders of worship –

•  At Singing the Faith Plus you will find unique indexes, suggestions and articles to help you choose the right hymns and songs for your   needs.
•  You can share your own music, words and opinions, get to know other writers and musicians, as well as explore new material.


is an ecumenical Trust (Charity No. 1107967) to help preachers and leaders of worship:

  • grow and develop in knowledge, conviction and competence
  • be in touch with other preachers and leaders of worship
  • be aware of recent developments affecting preaching and worship leading

The Worship CloudThe Worship Cloud logo

A place to resource and inspire Christian leaders involved in worship.

A place where creative individuals and Christian publishers upload, share and contribute to the worshipping community.

Resources can be downloaded as part of a Subscription or £1.20 each. It is free to Register and Upload your work. Articles are free to all, to inspire and educate from a range of sources.

Discounts of 20% on annual subscriptions to the resources section, and 50% on the 13-week subscription for the new “Fresh Thoughts for Sunday” eMagazine.  This offer is open to LWP in the Sheffield Methodist District only, and only until the end of June 2014.  Worship Cloud Discounts Issue 1 Fresh Thoughts For Sunday 020314


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G.Ro.W. has been operative for a few years, it is a ‘home grown’ site where contributions from preachers are welcome.  It is designed to help provide a little bit of continuity in our Methodist system where, despite continuity of subject provided by the Lectionary, we have different preaching personalities, each with their own personalities and insights.   G.Ro.W. offers short comments and some background about the main themes of each book as it appears in the Revised Common Lectionary.  G.Ro.W  is NOT a site for professional Bible scholars but for working preachers, and listeners from the pews.

Please let us know if you come across any other useful sites