Walking the corridors

walking corridors

It is 6:00p.m. on a Wednesday evening. Usually Rosehill Methodist Primary School is almost deserted by this time – but not tonight. The corridors are occupied by parents waiting for their turn to be seen by their child’s teacher.

I know the staff and pupils of the school well, but Parents’ Evening gives me the chance to meet the children’s family members, especially those who aren’t able to do the school run.

As I wander around I enter into conversations about broken legs, house moves, new babies and problems with shifts at work. I listen to some of their concerns and hopes about their children. Some parents are unfamiliar with the layout of the school and I help to guide them to the appropriate classroom.

As I leave the school I’m aware of the privilege of being called to walk the corridors and just ‘be there’.

Julie Coates
School chaplain