Stories, Images & Insights

This collection of stories, images and insights came together after an open invitation to chaplains around the UK to share an image and a chaplaincy story or insight in about 150 words. The hope was to put together an art exhibition. The art being chaplaincy. How beautiful and inspiring it is too!

One of the powerful and compelling qualities of the Chaplaincy Everywhere Exhibition is that it is real. The images aren’t posed, they are everyday, normal and sometimes a bit rough around the edges. But that is the power of chaplaincy. Chaplaincy jumps into real life with both feet and deals with whatever it finds, however messy!

The stories in this collection demonstrate how ordinary people are engaging in real life with great intention, dedication and love. Because of that dedication to the ordinary, extraordinary things happen. The ordinary is transformed by God’s love. Lives are changed. People are cared for, loved and heard.

The chaplaincy team that works on behalf of the Methodist Church of Great Britain has the honour of visiting chaplains in a huge variety of places. Every chaplain we meet has a story to share and we often leave moved by the power of what they tell us.

We were compelled to collect and share some of them with you. The stories on their own are powerful and speak of the many and different aspects of the ministry of chaplaincy.
Together, they offer a coherent picture of what chaplaincy is and has the potential of being in your own community, perhaps in the places you inhabit.

The Chaplaincy Development Project promotes chaplaincy everywhere and passionately believes that we all have a part to play in supporting this dynamic, powerful and responsive ministry. A ministry that notices others and shares God’s love.

What might your story be?
Might you get involved in chaplaincy yourself ?

We hope so and would love to resource you as you ask where God may be calling you to engage in his mission through chaplaincy.

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