Spiral of Chaplaincy Development

The Spiral of Chaplaincy Development is an effective and flexible set of resources that will enable your local church to develop chaplaincy.

The six steps of the spiral represent the learning and experience from the Chaplaincy Development Project and are important stages in establishing a chaplaincy that is built to last. The spiral gives you an overview of the process and provides an effective index for the resources that accompany each step.

Because we never claim to release the finished article, each resource has a version number. We invite and welcome feedback from all those who use our resources so that together we can shape chaplaincy resources for the benefit of everyone. We hope that in the years ahead we will add to this body of work as we continue to listen and respond to the work taking place in communities across the country.

The following material can be shaped to serve the needs of your church community and should be seen as a springboard into ministry rather than a prescriptive approach to ministry!

Download The Spiral of Chaplaincy Development : latest version 0.1

Download Overview of the Chaplaincy Development Process : latest version 0.1

Step 1: Start with local leadership

Download the Chaplaincy Everywhere Discussion Starter : latest version 0.1

Download the Chaplaincy Everywhere Map : latest version 0.1

Step 2: Circuit meeting

Download Envisioning Your Circuit Meeting : latest version 0.1

Download Envisioning Your Circuit Meeting PowerPoint Slides

Download the Characteristics Of Chaplaincy Printout

Download the Characteristics Of Chaplaincy Bible Text Printout

Download the Thinking Deeper About Chaplaincy Meeting Resource

Step 3: Explore chaplaincy in the circuit + run the Chaplaincy Everywhere Course

Download the Chaplaincy Everywhere Service Pack :  latest version 0.2

Download the Thinking Deeper About Chaplaincy Meeting Resource

Download the Chaplaincy Everwhere Course Advert

Step 4: Do!

Download the Negotiating Access Form : latest version 0.1

Commissioning liturgy coming very soon.

Step 5: Engage in the Chaplaincy Everywhere Conversation

Step 6: Reflect, learn, celebrate

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