‘Come and see…’ was the invitation from Leeds Bradford Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service.

Usually I see them in the common room sharing a cuppa discussing things like ‘you have that nativity thing at your church at Easter don’t you.’ (A long conversation ensued sharing the Jesus story and how the church year reflects that).
They wanted me to witness what they really do.

I joined them on a day’s training.
They placed me in a full size replica of a 747 and set fire to it!
They love their Airport Chaplain – Nick the Vic as I’m known.

Witnessing the heat, the team work and, if the worst does happen, the willingness to risk their lives in intolerable conditions for people such as you and me was a real privilege.

‘Come and see’ is the invitation by Christ (John 1) to go beyond the walls and discover new life.

Nick Baker
Airport chaplain