Diversity shoes

‘Equality’ and ‘diversity’ are buzz words in Further Education, but they also sum up my multi-faith chaplain role.

As Christians we are surely called to embrace the rich diversity in our communities, encouraging people to explore different spiritualities to inform their own beliefs, and to share their beliefs openly? So ‘Faith Diversity Day’ was born!

I wandered around the campus in my orange chaplain’s hoodie with a band of willing helpers – students are always enthusiastic where food is involved! We stickered multi-faith chaplain stickers on many – guess the religion, win a symbol-shaped shortbread biscuit!
It was great to see so many students engage!
We put posters around college with religious symbols and key facts; and yes, they were bright orange. We also put an interfaith quiz on the college website.

Many don’t explore any spirituality until something terrible happens…

Encouraging diversity, equality and orange are prompts at Alton College!

Tara Hellings
Further Education chaplain