Christmas Prayer Tree

In December, over 1000 people wrote down their heartfelt prayers and hung them on the Christmas prayer trees in The Mall Shopping Centre in Luton.

The trees symbolise the work of the Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy, bridging the gap between the sacred and secular and giving ordinary people access to something more profound than they can possibly imagine.

We live in a society that is spiritually hungry, but one which has turned away from the church as an institution. The chaplaincy is taking the church to the community, and as a truly ecumenical project it speaks of unity across all the denominations. As our mission statement suggests, we are ‘Revealing God’s Kingdom in Luton’, with chaplains in the civic, retail and business sectors.

The 21st century provides an opportunity for the churches to put aside their differences, and stand together as one body for his Kingdom and His glory.

Michael Campbell
Town Centre chaplain