A home from home

home from home


Being a University and College Chaplain means that you’re working among (mainly) young people who are in the process of breaking away from both the constraints and the security of home, and exploring who they really are and what’s important to them.

For most it’s an exciting time, for some daunting and for a few, excruciatingly lonely. Life for international students has its own challenges, the expense of travel meaning that they can’t always get back home either in the holidays or when a crisis hits the family. Buxton’s frequently grey weather can be quite a change for those from sunnier climes!

As well as being available for personal support, the chaplains offer a programme of social events, mainly meals and walks. The hospitality is much appreciated. As one African student was overheard to say, “as long as I have these gatherings, I know I won’t be without family in this country.”

Ingrid Keith
FE & HE chaplain